August 18th

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    May 10, 2018
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    Below are a list of changes that have been applied in the past few days (or will be applied on reboot tonight)

    • Added potato durability checker (right-click blocks with a potato to find out how much durability they have)
    • Fixed various over-sized items in /shop
    • Fixed /f unclaimall not removing F-Top value until re-synchronisation
    • Removed taking damage from explosions (for real this time)
    • Increased power per minute to 0.5
    • Implemented several major performance improvements that address the majority of recent lag spike issues
    • Fixed /f fly being disabled when changing worlds in your own land
    • Fixed /f vault being usable in combat
    • Fixed an issue that caused the shop to break after reboot on occasion

    We appreciate the feedback and the bug reports you give staff members, please keep them coming! We make improvements to the server every single day, and will continue to do so until everything is perfect.

    Thank you for your patience.
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