August 4th

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    Below are a list of changes that will be coming in tonight's server reboots (if not already applied) :
    • Fixed chunk hoppers in /shop
    • Fixed cooldown on /fix all
    • Fixed sell wand prices for cactus
    • Updated mcMMO rewards (removed IGs, etc)
    • Made sponges break in 1 hit
    • Increased hopper transfer speeds
    • Increased growth rates (we will keep tweaking the rates, so give us feedback!)

    • /f mission is still disabled and will be added once we're happy with the state it is in. We will keep provided updates.

    These are the significant/noteworthy changes made since our revamp release - thank you for the feedback and bug reports you give staff members, please keep them coming! We hope you're enjoying the new season and are looking forward to regular updates & new content!
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