August 7th

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    Below are a list of changes that have been applied in the past 72 hours (or will be applied on reboot tonight)

    • Fixed some donators being unable to join full servers
    • Changed chunk hoppers to transfer items directly to the end of connected hopper chains
    • Fixed captured outposts not giving monetary rewards every 25m
    • Added /f missions with 3 initial /f vault tasks
    • Tweaked cactus growth rates
    • Fixed an issue where some chunk hoppers would perform inconsistently
    • Rewrote the Grind enchantment to give a flat 20% increase in EXP per level (max 60% increase with Grind 3)
    • Removed Looting 5 from mcMMO fishing rewards

    Thank you for the feedback and bug reports you give staff members, please keep them coming! We hope you're enjoying the server and are looking forward to our first weekly update this weekend!
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