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    Base & Cannon Regulations

    This thread lists the new and improved base and cannon rules that will be in affect starting now. Rules are subject to change at any time. If any of these rules are broken, the appropriate punishment will be issued.

    Base Rules
    • Bases can be built at any side, however the buffer can only extend 20 chunks from the most outer base wall.
    • If you wish to build your base next to another factions, there must be a 10 chunk gap minimum.
    Check Wall Rules
    • Checkboxes are allowed; a checkbox is defined as a wall (most commonly sand walls) with a box on top.
    • Checkboxes should not contain any additional blocks outside or inside of the box or on the check wall. This means no redstone mechanics of any type should be used on or near the check-wall.
    • Additionally no accounts should be left afk within render distance of the check wall.
    • The maximum size of a raid claim: 10x10.
    • Bitch claiming is not permitted during the first week of the map, however raid claims are ONLY permitted after a faction has exceeded their 20 chunk buffer.
    • A faction can only claim a single corner, this is per server, not per world.
    • Alt factions cannot be used to evade any of these rules. If caught doing so, the alt faction will be disbanded.
    • You may claim Anti-Raid claims 10 chunks past your 20 chunk buffer purely to stop an active raid, once the raid has been neutralized, the claims must be removed.
    • In no way, shape or form are any sort of detectors allowed. This means you are not allowed to use anything that would inform you that you are being raided with the slight exception of manual checking.
    • Covering your spawners up with any block or water is not allowed.
    • Patching walls with schematica printer or gen buckets is not allowed. If caught you will be issued a 3 day temp-ban.

    • No form of clocks can be used for any cannons that stack more than 10 sand.
    • You cannot prestack more than 3 shots at a time, this rule applies per cannon and cannot be evaded through the use of multiple sand comps.
    • You are only allowed to break a maximum of one wall per button press, this includes all redstone firing mechanisms.
    • No redirecting tnt/sand horizontally in another factions claims. *This rule is in place to prevent the use of left shooters and right shooters, you are still allowed to redirect tnt in your own claims which allows the use of floating barrels.
    • Any cannons that abuse a miscoding in plugins, .jar files or anything server side related will result in a punishment decided upon by the admins.
    • 2,500 tnt limit per chunk.
    • Roof cannoning banned indefinitely.

      Any questions about these rules, message an Admin or @Refluct

      Good luck & happy raiding!
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