Faction Striking System

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    TheArchon Factions Striking System

    Only Reluctt/Admins can give out warnings

    All servers will now have a strike penalty system

    Strike 1 - Faction Warning

    Strike 2 - 20% of f-top value taken

    Strike 3 - 40% of f-top value taken

    Once the faction receives their 3rd strike, any other rule breaking that would have added another strike will result in a disband of that faction.

    A faction will be informed in game about their warning and will be added to the public listing of all faction strikes.

    What can get you a strike?

    There are numerous different offenses that can get you a strike. These are all offenses that a single member cannot be punished for.

    Building an illegal cannon or breaking any of the cannon rules - 1 Strike + a potential faction punishment. (If a staff member tells you to stop shooting for a valid reason, you must stop otherwise the faction members involved will be temporarily banned)

    Illegal base defenses - 1 Strike, if not fixed within the given amount of time, another strike will be issued.

    Blocking/blowing up or using any method - 1 Strike + 1d Tempban to the player(s) who broke the rule. If this is done whilst being raided then it is a 3d temp ban.

    Genning/printing or whilst being raided - 3d temp ban for the player(s) as well as a faction strike if its more than 3 people abusing this.

    Taking down spawners in any manner whilst an active raid is happening to you -
    1 Strike & 3d tempban to the player who broke this rule.

    Constant Immaturity/Toxicity to the extreme - Depending on how severe will impact the amount of strikes. If you’re just a negative impact to the community, expect a possible disband.

    Withholding & Abusing Bugs - Depending on the potential impact this bug could have on the server will define how severely you will be punished. If more than 3 players or 1 mod+ player in a faction abuse this bug, a strike will be given, if a majority of the faction abuses the bug, multiple strikes may be given.

    Merging factions - You may not merge factions if either faction is on f top or will get placed on f top by doing so, doing this will result in 3 or 4 strikes.

    Attempting to claim f top prizes using alt factions - A faction may only be placed on the top 3 places of f-top once, attempting to bypass this will result in an in instant DQ.

    Giving other factions wealth - Donating wealth to other factions to manipulate f top positions will result in 2 strikes.

    Autoselling via any method - Auto selling using any method whether it be scripts, macros or purely an autoclicker will result in 1 strike.

    Raid Detectors - Any form of raid detectors will result in an instant 3 strikes.

    If a faction is disbanded, their whole base and claimed areas will be world edited out or rolled back to the beginning of the map.

    There will be slight exceptions to merging, such as a faction quitting and the remaining players move to another faction but this must be done with an admin’s acknowledgement and approval.

    Keep in mind that doing something that will obtain you 3 strikes doesn't bypass you from getting a 20% reduction. If you use raid detectors for example, you will receive a 20% reduction based off your f top and then another 40% reduction based off the new f top following your previous reduction.

    Just because a punishment isn’t listed here, doesn’t mean that you won’t get a strike for breaking rules, this list will be updated as we see fit.
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