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    Forum Rules

    Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment from Moderators, Managers or Admins.
    100+ Warning points result in an automatic ban off of the Forums and all of your Warning points are permanent.
    The Forum rules are as follows:
    • Toxicity is strictly disallowed on these forums. We want TheArchon to be a place for everyone, so player, server, and staff disrespect is strictly prohibited. Targeted harassment via posts and threads will result in punishment.
    • Spamming of ANY kind is not allowed.
      • This includes double/triple posting (will be explained), posting the same message on multiple profiles, post farming (will be explained), and just overall spamming the forums with unnecessary posts.
    • Advertising of ANY kind is not allowed.
      • Advertising server IPs is NOT allowed.
      • Advertising your latest raid video is allowed but ONLY in the YouTube section of the forums which can be found here, if your YouTube video is in the wrong section, it will be removed.
    • In Real Life money or rank giveaways are NOT allowed. That meaning you cannot advertise that you are giving away the $175 rank on Amethyst. Posts like these result in 25 Warning points, and be automatically locked and removed.
      • If you are a participant in such giveaways, TheArchon is NOT liable for any chargebacks or money related issues involving giveaways.
    • Racism is not allowed under any circumstances.
    • Double Posting is not allowed.
      • For those that do not understand what exactly 'double posting' is; double posting is making one post, then making another post directly afterwards.
    • Bumping a post early is not allowed. ‘Bumping’ a post is ONLY allowed BY the creator of the thread after 5 days. Double posting is disregarded in this situation.
    • Post farming is NOT allowed. This includes posts such as these.
      • Repeating or rephrasing what the author or another person has said is also post farming.
      • “Like for Like” posts will receive a warning. Anyone that partakes in these kinds of posts will also receive a warning.
      • Anyone found violating this rule MAY also have their post/ like counter reset to ZERO, this includes trophy points for posts/ likes.
    • Similar threads/ post spam is not allowed.
      • Threads and posts for reasons such as these are not allowed and will result in punishment.
    • Any inappropriate content will be removed.
      • A post, thread, picture, etc. that has inappropriate content WILL be deleted immediately.
    • Harassment or Disrespect towards a Member/ Staff Member/ Admins/ Owners or the Server is NOT allowed and will result in punishment.
    • Failing to follow a Mods, Admins, or Owners instructions will result in punishment.
    • Asking a Staff member for permissions or for posts to be checked out is not allowed. An example of this can be found here.
    • Any post regarding Missing Ranks or Rank Transfers will be deleted.
      • Rank Transfers can only happen when a server closes or when there is sufficient evidence an account with a rank was hacked.
      • If you are missing a rank or any other purchase, please fill out this form and the problem should be resolved.
    • The following will result in an instant permanent ban from the forums:
      • Using alternate accounts to impersonate, boost or farm posts will result in ALL accounts (Main and Alternate) involved being banned.
      • Ban Evasion from the Forums will result in your account being banned.
      • Inability to follow rules or excessively breaking the rules after being warned will result in a ban.
      • Excessive advertising will result in a ban.
        Threatening to DDoS the server, the forums, Staff, or players will result in a ban.
    Please only use the Report button to report a post. If you are found to be abusing the Report button, you will receive a warning.
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