July 3rd

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    Below are a list of changes that will be coming in tonight's server reboots (if not already applied) :

    • fixed not receiving Pufferfish kit from crates (Atlantis)
    • fixed not receiving /f fly in Wilderness perk from monthly crates (Atlantis/Kronos)
    • lowered spawner rate nerf
    • increased entity clear interval from 5m to 10m
    • doubled mob life time
    • completely overhauled /printer (now uses Creative mode for faster printing)
    • added "/f messages" ("/f notifications") to toggle territory chat messages on/off
    • added ender-pearls & carpets to /shop
    • deployed new server/cannon jar (Atlantis/Kronos)

    Thank you for all the support & feedback from the community, and especially thank you to the people who have helped test numerous features on the development servers with us.

    Make sure you get involved with us on Discord, and use the #suggestions channel to vote on & make suggestions for The Archon. Our next update will focus on changes from the #suggestions channel, so make sure you vote!
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