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    This post will include everything that has changed since the previous changelog. Sorry for not keeping you updated :)

    Note: (*) stands for coming in the next reset for any servers that don't have it.

    • Black & Blue have been reset
    • Heavily improved Enderpearls
    • Cannon improvements
    • Fixes to prevent clients causing server crashes/lag
    • Implemented Fishing rewards (*)
    • Re-implemented Hand Mining (*)
    • Re-implemented Archon Spawner System (*)
    • Improved drops from Envoys (*)
    • Improved KoTH rewards (*)
    • Implemented Coin Flips (*)
    • Implemented a Lottery system with a raffle (*)
    • Implemented a nice message when a user achieves 100 levels on a skill (repeats per/100 levels) (*)
    • Heavily modified mcMMO changes, levelling up rates and drops (*)
    • Updated mcMMO to function better on our server backend (*)
    • Implemented a Trench Pickaxe to OG servers (*)
    • Implemented a virtual shop (*)
    • Many, many small changes and improvements

    I will do my best to keep these posts made frequently!
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