June 22nd

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    May 10, 2018
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    Below are a list of changes that will be coming in tonight's server reboots for all realms:

    • added sand & grass to the infusion block list (Kronos)
    • fixed spawner mobs suffocating in the spawner occasionally
    • added /printer mode for automatic block purchasing (Kronos)
    • fixed combat tag NPCs appearing in boss realms
    • reduced the chances of item drops from woodcutting (Kronos)
    • made the /f perm "Territory" permission control claim access
    • added "Recruit" rank to the /f perms menu
    • removed Faction Moderator override for "build" and "destroy" permissions in /f perm
    • increased exp gained from Grind 2/3 (Kronos)
    • added voting rewards to Kronos
    • reduced /f spawner wait times & fixed menu lore

    Please report any bugs or server issues here (click); thank you for your reports, they make it possible to fix bugs much more quickly!
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