June 29th

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    Below are a list of changes that will be coming in tonight's server reboots (if not already applied) :

    • fixed disguises not being deactivated when entering combat
    • fixed being able to disguise mid-fight
    • fixed the Access "/f perm" not effecting use of "/f access" & "/f accessall"
    • removed "insiding is not allowed" broadcasts from all servers (about time, right?)
    • made several more improvements to /printer (if kicked, please take a screenshot for us!)
    • added sugar cane to sell wands
    • fixed not receiving fishing & woodcutting rewards after level 2000
    • fixed inconsistencies with /2fa
    • added rank upgrades to /redeem in hubs
    • made gift cards work on more than just ranks on the webstore
    • adjusted price of cactus in sell wand

    Please report any bugs or server issues here (click); thank you for your reports, they make it possible to fix bugs much more quickly!
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