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    May 10, 2018
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    Below are a list of bugs/issues addressed during the latest server reboots:
    • changed respawn location to /spawn instead of /f home (kronos/atlantis)
    • fixed zeus perms for /ci (kronos)
    • raised slot limit to 445 to allow more non-donors (kronos)
    • added /kronos and /atlantis in hubs for CLI/minechat clients (hubs)
    • changed anti-cheat provider (kronos/atlantis)
    • fixed /f fly pull-back (kronos/atlantis)
    • adjusted cropper settings to transfer more items (kronos/atlantis)
    • fixed south border alignment in the nether (kronos)
    • raised mob lifetime from 10s to 120s (kronos/atlantis)
    • removed ability to sell items with special names/lore in /shop (kronos/atlantis)
    • fixed Infusion enchant not working in allied/truce territory (kronos/atlantis)
    • fixed /f fly being disabled when hitting allies (kronos/atlantis)
    • fixed being unable to use printer (kicked for too many packets) (kronos/atlantis)
    • removed stacked armor from seasonal kits (kronos/atlantis)
    We will continue to investigate and resolve more issues tomorrow, thank you for your patience - please report any bugs or server issues here (click).
Thread Status:
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