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    May 10, 2018
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    Below are a list of bugs/issues addressed during the latest server reboots:
    • lowered custom enchantment prices
    • fixed a bug that caused players to sometimes die after long distance teleports & login
    • fixed combat logging not killing the player who logged
    • increased fall damage immunity timer after toggling /f fly
    • added display messages shown when using GenBuckets outside your own Faction land
    • fixed "/f invite" being inaccessible on Kronos
    • removed "Recruit" role from /f perm GUI
    • prevent renaming of certain items in anvils
    • fixed "/f promote" not working for f mod+
    • fixed "/f mod" not working for coleader
    • added alias to "/f owner" for "/f access"
    • added several new aliases for cross-server /msg
    • fixed kit paladin not being given in crate rewards properly

    We will continue to make improvements tomorrow, thank you for your continued patience - please report any bugs or server issues here (click).
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