May 17th

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    May 10, 2018
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    Below are a list of bugs/issues that will be addressed in tonight's reboot:
    • fixed the /confirm for /ci not working for some players
    • fixed dying to void damage after teleporting/login sometimes
    • added truces information to /f who
    • fixed access to /f money commands
    • fixed access to /tpacancel
    • fixed anvils being usable in protected regions
    • stopped faction moderators bypassing /f owner claimed land checks
    • purchased everyone's open /ah sales (unless stupidly priced)
    • implemented a new version of the classic Archon Auction House (/ah)

    We will continue to make improvements, thank you for your continued patience - please report any bugs or server issues here (click); thank you to those who already reported bugs - we have reviewed every report received so far.
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