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    We've spent most of the last week working hard to improve performance across the network - we've made incredible progress so far, and we're continuing to make improvements every day. Now that the major performance drops have been addressed, we can shift our focus back to regular bugs and new content for you all to enjoy!

    That being said, below are a list of bugs/issues that will be addressed in tonight's server reboots:
    • added "/ignore" that works with cross-server messaging
    • fixed disbanding a Faction bypassing /f fly checks
    • fixed "/f vault" not allowing you to store Sell Wands
    • fixed a bug that allowed non-tools to be stored in "/f vault"
    • added 1 blast durability for ender portal frame blocks
    • fixed co leaders being able to demote other co leaders
    • added a permission to "/f perm" to control access to "/f tag"
    • made it so "/f fly" is automatically enabled when entering your own territory
    • fixed "/f fly" being disabled when teleporting
    • fixed an issue that caused some chunks to not load properly for players
    Please report any bugs or server issues here (click); thank you for your reports, they make it possible to fix bugs much more quickly!
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