September 11th

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    Below are a list of noteworthy changes that have been, or will be (tonight), applied to the servers:
    • Increased /f spawnerchunk buffer radius from 5 chunks to 21 chunks
    • Blocked /sethome commands in neutral Faction land
    • Blocked teleporting into neutral Faction land
    • Fixed the FTop value of a spawner showing as 100% when first placed (visual only)
    • Fixed FTop value being inconsistent after reboots on Kronos/Atlantis
    • Added /f spawnerchunklist (/f sclist) command to view coordinates for all your Faction's currently marked spawner chunks
    • Fixed an issue that caused some Faction's money balances to reset on reboot
    • Fixed lapis lazuli being more expensive in the "dyes" section of the shop compared to the "ores" section
    • Improvements to & expansion of staff-monitoring systems
    • Improved description of "Faction Set Home" /f perm

    Please report any bugs you encounter and give feedback to staff members via Discord or the forums. We appreciate your feedback and do our best to make The Archon experience the best it can be for everyone.
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