September 7th

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    Below are a list of fixes and minor changes made towards the end of last map that are now live in the new season:
    • Added a second page to the Blocks section in the shop
    • Added Enderchest and Chunk Hoppers to the new blocks page
    • Potions and Armour/Tools can be bought in larger quantities
    • Fixed /f perm not being accessible to Mods even with access granted
    • Fixed chunk hoppers collecting items in protected regions
    • Fixed /f access chunks not protecting containers (doesn't apply to enemies)
    • Fixed some /f missions that involved mining not counting blocks broken accurately
    • Fixed sometimes being able to destroy blocks on the edge of warzones

    Please report any bugs and give feedback to staff members via Discord or the forums. We will be continuing to make fixes and update content as the season progresses.
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