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    Basic Server Rules
    These actions below are NOT allowed:

      • Ban Evasion
      • Plugin Abuse
      • Inappropriate IGN
      • Inappropriate Faction Names
    No Hacking/Mods of any sort.
    Failure to follow this rule will result in a permanent ban from our server.

    Allowed Mods:
    • Gammabright mods (increase the brightness in mods)
    • Armour Status (bspkrs Mods)
    • Potion Effect (bspkrs Mods)
    • Direction Hud (bspkrs Mods)
    • Damage Indicators
    • Better Sprint
    • ToggleSneak / Sprint Mods
    • Optifine
    • Shaders
    • TabbyChat Mod
    • World Downloads
    • Schematica with Printer
    • Kohi TCP NoDelay
    • OCMC
    The Following is NOT allowed in chat :
    • Spamming
    • Excessive Swearing
    • Racists Remarks
    • Asking for OP
    • Asking for ranks or Buying in-game items with real money
    • Offering to buy ranks for others or buying without their consent
    • Asking Admin/Owners for Free stuff
    • Advertising Servers
    • Advertising Twitch stream/YT stream of non-archon related material
      • (If you're telling a friend a IP it MUST be in PM only. Everything else is bannable)
    • Death/Suicide/DDos/Dox Threats
    • Phishing links
    • Other links
    • Immature Behavior
    Harassment/Disrespect of any sort is NOT allowed
    We expect a safe/fun/Caring community. We DO NOT tolerate harassment/Disrespectful comments against Players/Staff/Admin/Owners/Server. Depending on the comment made , you will be punished as for seen by an Admin or to Staff Guidelines. Any disrespectful/unmannerly comments towards Admins/Owners MAY result in a permanent ban and may not be appealable. So we ask players to keep these type of comments to yourself. If you are having troubles with another player you may pm any staff member available or If you're having issues with a staff member feel free to use our Staff Abuse report thread (Or PM Hydra or Sandyy) We do ask for you to provide evidence for anything to be done.

    Members & Donators & Staff Breaking Rules
    . If you are found consistently breaking the rules you MAY be permanently banned accordingly. If a staff member is found rules they WILL be severely punished according to an Admin/Owner. The server rules do apply to staff as well. Listed below are some extra information that staff members are not allowed to do

    Things Staff Members are NOT allowed to do:
    • Swearing in ANY chat
    • Using their tags as a trust leverage to scam players
    • Kicking/Tempbanning for fun
    • Leaking private information
    • Misuse of special permissions
    If a staff member is found breaking these rules , please immediately report to the Staff abuse reports with evidence. These rules only apply to Helpers -> Head Moderators.

    No Glitching/Duping
    If you are found breaking these rules you will be permanently ban from the server. We do NOT tolerate Glitching or Duping of any sort. If you have discovered a related issue please report it to staff immediately.

    The following is NOT allowed:
    • Water Glitching
    • Lava Glitching
    • Scripts / Macros
    • EnderPearl Glitching
    • Teleport Glitching
    • Auto Farming
    • Sethome Glitching
    • Block Glitching
    • Item Duping
    • Money Duping

    TeamSpeak Rules
    Please do not spam anyone or staff in general on the TeamSpeak.
    Global server rules apply to the TeamSpeak as well.
    Spam poking players is also not allowed.
    Impersonating staff is not allowed and will result in a tempban.
    Inappropriate TeamSpeak channel/player names are also not allowed.

    Forum Rules:

    Posting of videos/threads/posts not related to TheArchon (other servers etc)
    First Offense : Removal of Thread and Warning Points
    Second Offense : Increased Warning Points
    Third Offense : Forums Ban

    If you accept an item or have someone purchase something, you are fully responsible if they chargeback.
    Please do /deny if you did not allow said person to buy this item for you.
    If not, a chargeback is possible in the future, and you will be blacklisted if so.

    Breaking any of the rules above will be punished for accordingly.
    Some bans/tempbans may go off staff guidelines depending
    on the rule that was broken. They may extend days
    or do permanent bans depending how the admins/staff see fit.

    Owners/Admins may ban/tempban anyone breaking rules (or other) to any amount of time to what they see fit. Warnings are not necessary to be given by an Admin.
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