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    These are the basic server rules and are subject to change at any time. They will also be updated if any changes are made.

    General Rules
    • If you are banned / muted, do not evade the punishment.
    • Do not use a Hacked Client of any kind.
    • Overall toxicity will be punished.
    • Releasing personal information through any Archon platform is not allowed.
    • No DDoSing / DOXing etc.
    • Staff cannot scam / inside / or give you false information. (If done, report to a Staff Manager)
    • Exploiting a glitch, bug, or unfair method to gain advantage over other players is not allowed.
    • Chargebacks will result in a permanent ban with no option to appeal.
    • Using scripts or macros to gain an advantage are not allowed.
    • No impersonating redeemable items.
    • Deletion of evidence will result in a punishment.
    • Using an illegal cannon or method to raid someone will result in a punishment. (Refer to the cannon rules)
    • Players making lag machines will be given a permanent ban.
    • Hacking another players account will result in a permanent ban and a blacklist.

    Chargeback bans are final. Please keep that into consideration. If another player purchased an item for you and you were charged back on, appeal and the situation will be looked into. Unbans are not guaranteed.

    Chat Rules
    The following are not allowed and will result in a punishment:
    • Caps
    • Spam of any kind (symbol, letter, phrase, etc.)
    • Racial & Homophobic Slurs
    • Excessive Swearing
    • Aggressive Player Disrespect
    • Unrelated to Archon links
    • Server Disrespect
    • Staff/Admin/Developer Disrespect
    • Promoting Spam
    • Faking Messages
    • Inappropriate Links & Symbols
    • Encouraging Suicide
    • Death Threats / Wishes
    • Death Threats / Wishes Jokes
    • Inappropriate Faction Names
    • Asking for Buycraft Items
    • Server IPs or IPs or any kind
    • IRL Trading
    • DDoS / DOX / SWAT Threats
    • Advertising of any kind
    • Phishing Links
    • Inappropriate IGNs
    • Impersonating Staff
    • Releasing Personal Information
    Allowed Modifications
    If caught with a Hacked Client and or modification not listed below, you will be issued a punishment.
    • Gamma-bright Mods
    • Armor Status
    • Potion Effect
    • Direction Hud
    • Damage Indicators
    • Mini Maps (Must not have chests / players / entities enabled. Will result in a perm ban)
    • Better Sprint
    • ToggleSneak / Sprint
    • Optifine
    • Shaders
    • TabbyChat
    • World Download
    • Schematica
    • Kohi TCP NoDelay
    • OCMC
    • Forge
    • 5zig
    • bspkrs
    • Console Client
    • FPS
    • Cosmic Client
    • Coordinates
    • Chunk Borders
    • CPS Mods
    • Keystrokes Mods
    • Replay Mod
    • LiteLoader
    If you believe a modification should be on this list, message an Administrator.

    Staff Rules
    If you see any of these rules broken, please report it to a Staff Manager with proof.
    • Swearing in any chat
    • Scamming
    • Insiding
    • Using their tag to get an advantage
    • Kicking / Temp-banning for fun
    • Leaking any Staff Chats or private information
    • Misuse of their permissions
    Breaking any of these rules will be punished and based off of the Staff Guidelines. Administrators are allowed to break off of these rules to issue a punishment they see fit.
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