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    Greetings everyone,

    This thread goes over the official Archon faction rules. Please keep in mind that rules are subject to change at anytime and you’re responsible for keeping up to date with our server rules. As far as punishments go, faction strikes will be given out as followed:

    Strike 1 - Faction Warning

    Strike 2 - 20% of f-top value taken

    Strike 3 - 40% of f-top value taken

    Strike 4 - Faction Disband

    To view if your faction has any strikes you may issue the following command in-game: /f strike list

    1. Buffer size can only extend 25 chunks from the most outer base wall

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    2. No regenerating walls

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    3. If you wish to build your base next to another factions, there must be a 30 chunk gap minimum

    Punishment: Faction will be notified and given 24 hours to fix their claim. If the claim isn’t fixed within the given period of time, they will be given a faction strike.

    4. No redstone on walls.

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    5. Additionally no accounts should be left afk within render distance of the check wall

    Punishment: Account will be teleported to spawn. If this occurs multiple times, you will be striked.

    6. The maximum size of a raid claim is one 10 by 10 per side

    Punishment: Raid claims will be asked to be removed. If a faction doesn’t cooperate with us, claims will be forcefully removed and a faction strike will be issued. The faction will have 24 hours to remove the claims.

    7. Bitch claiming is not permitted during the first week of the map, however raid claims are ONLY permitted after a faction has exceeded their 25 chunk buffer

    Punishment: Bitch claims will be asked to be removed. If a faction doesn’t cooperate with us, claims will be forcefully removed.

    8. A faction can only claim a single corner.

    Punishment: If a faction claims multiple corners they will be asked to unclaim all but one.

    9. Alt factions cannot be used to evade any of these rules

    Punishment: Alt faction will be disbanded.

    10. Anti-Raid claims can't be in line with the base within 30 chunks of the base (anti raid claims can be placed wherever as long as it is not inline with the shell of the base).

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    11. In no way, shape or form are any detectors allowed. This means you are not allowed to use anything that would inform you that you are being raided. Manual checking however, is allowed

    Punishment: Faction will be disbanded as well as leader being permanently banned.

    12. Defending with cobwebs, signs, torches and red stone torches are not allowed

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    13. Patching walls with schematica printer or gen buckets is not allowed during an active raid. Keep in mind you are not allowed to patch/remove spawners if you’re actively being raided

    Actively being raided includes TnT being shot at your base. If TnT is not been actively fired for at least 5 minutes then it’s not considered an active raid. Please note, building a cannon isn’t considered an active from of raiding.

    Note: The removal of FTOP value while being raided is strictly prohibited and will result in compensation to the raiding faction regardless of being breached or not - NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strikes & a 7 day temp-ban to all faction members involved. If this happens twice to a single faction, they will be disbanded.

    14. No form of clocks can be used for any cannons that stack more than y:height 55.

    The only exception to this rule is if the clock is ONLY attached to a REDSTONE LAMP for the purpose of informing you when to shoot again. The clock can not alter the cannon in any way or power it.

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strike + 7d ban for the player issuing the cannon

    15. No multiple wall one shots. Maximum of 1 wall break at least every 4 seconds

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strike + 7d ban for the player issuing the cannon

    16. No left/right shooting and wall removers

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike & a 5 day tempban to all involved players. Faction would be compensated for lost spawners.

    17. No cannons that abuse a miscoding in plugins, .jar files or anything server side

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    18. Roof cannoning is NOT allowed - NO EXCEPTIONS

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strikes

    19. Only one active cannon per attempt (includes raiding with two factions) - NO EXCEPTIONS

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    20. Using fast reversing cannons to bypass the speed limit is prohibited

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    21. You may not merge factions if either faction is on F-TOP or will get placed on F Top by doing so - NO EXCEPTIONS

    Punishment: 3 Faction Strikes

    22. Giving other factions wealth

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strikes

    23. Autoselling is not allowed - includes but not limited to selling scripts, macros and or an autoclicker

    Punishment: 1 Faction Stirke

    24. No insiding

    A faction is viewed as a team and together as a team work towards a common goal.
    When a player adds spawners to a base or faction claims they are adding into the faction pool. Those spawners are now considered property of the faction and not the player specifically.

    Punishment: Player will receive a season ban for the rest of the map and may carry over to next map if deemed necessary. If a player is caught insiding for another faction, they will be striked.
    Note: We will not be rollbacking any bases that get insided. You are responsible for who you invite to your faction.
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