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Skyblock Content Update - September '21

Hello everyone! For this month's content update we are introducing an update to The Deep, that allows you to mine Shards to create the Quarry, as well as fight the new mini bosses!


You can find Shards while mining the ore that the Shard is made of in The Deep - for example, there is a chance that you'll receive a Diamond Shard if you're mining normal diamond ore, or an Iron Shard if you're mining iron ore.

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These Shards will be used to craft different tiers of Quarries that you can place and use on your islands.


Quarries are an item that you can craft and use on your islands, that generate ores in their ingot form. You can withdraw these ores in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Withdraw ores into ingots or blocks
  • Convert the stored ores into money
  • Convert the stored ores into island value - you will receive 2x more value per ore that you convert from the Quarry compared to normal ores

The higher the tier of Shard used to create a Quarry, the better the Quarry is, with Coal being the lowest tier, and Emerald being the highest. To begin crafting your Quarry, you will need to place 9 of your selected Shards in a crafting table to create a Chassis.

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After this, you will need to place your Chassis in the center of the crafting table surrounded by 14 of your selected Shard and an iron pickaxe, to create the Quarry.

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Place down your crafted Quarry on your island to begin using it. You will need to confirm the placement of the Quarry by doing a shift-right-click. To access the menu, simply right-click the structure.

In the menu you can view how many ores your Quarry has generated, choose to withdraw your ores in a variety of ways, upgrade your Quarry, and remove the structure.

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Using Shards, you can increase the maximum storage of the Quarry, as well as the efficiency/speed that it mines up ores. You can upgrade your Quarry to a max level of 7.

Mini Bosses

These powerful creatures have been lurking in The Deep for a millennia whilst their Guardians defend their precious ores... but their undead troops have become overwhelmed by the increasing amount of explorers stealing their gems, so they've arisen once more and taken matters into their own hands...

Introducing the new Mini Bosses! These powerful creatures appear when 1000 Guardians of any type have been slain in The Deep. There is a chance for the bosses to drop Shards. There are 3 different bosses, all with their own unique set of powers, take a look:


This aggressive boss has medium level of health and medium-high attack damage, with its attacks being at a normal speed. The Berserker has an ability that grants itself Speed V for a short time, allowing them to dash and hit players rapidly. There is also has a small chance to disarm opponents, similarly to the Clownfish pet.

Elder Lich

This enemy has high amount health but weak base damage when opponents are directly hit. However, the Elder Lich has a summoning ability that allows them to spawn diamond-level Deep Guardians to aid in the attack. When this boss drops below 15% health, they will spawn crystals in a radius around it, which if they are not destroyed within 15 seconds, will heal the Elder Lich to 50% health.

Gemstone Juggernaut

This beast has a high amount of health and high attack damage, however their attacks are slow. the Gemstone Juggernaut is The Deep's strongest boss and has an AOE style attack called Cleaver, which cuts down enemies in front of them, thus dealing high amounts of damage at once. This boss also has a weak lifesteal ability and will regenerate health when they deal damage to players.

We hope you enjoy this month's content update on Skyblock to The Deep. Be sure to try out all of the new features, and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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