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Skyblock: Custom Trees Update

Hey everyone! For this week's Skyblock content update we'll be covering the Custom Trees Update! We're adding 12 new custom trees that you can harvest for profit on your island!

How Do Custom Trees Work?

While you're woodcutting at /forest, there is a random chance for you to chop down a Custom Tree. All Custom Trees that you receive from the forest can then be taken to your island and planted.

Make sure you've got lots of space around where you want to plant your tree, as you won't be able to place it if there are blocks in the way. When you plant the tree on your island, you can right-click it to open up a menu.

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You'll need to water your tree in order to make it grow. You must pay a small fee to water your tree.

It'll take some time for your tree to grow after you've watered it, but once it's grown you'll be able to harvest it!

To continue harvesting your tree, you must keep watering it. If you don't water your tree then nothing will grow and you won't be able to harvest anything for profit. You can still access your tree's menu when it is fully grown by right-clicking anywhere on the tree.

If you want to pick up your tree to move it elsewhere, you'll need to make sure you've harvested it, then you can select the uproot tree option. There is no fee for uprooting trees.

What Trees Are There?

There are 12 new trees - Apple, Pear, Pineapple, Orange, Rose Bush, Daisy Bush, Coconut, Grape Vine, Eucalyptus, Pine, Banana, Olive.

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You can unlock higher tiered trees the higher your mcMMO level is. Players who've just begun woodcutting won't have the chance to chop down higher tiered trees such as the Olive tree, but more experienced woodcutters will.

The costs to water your tree vary based on what tree you have. If you've got a higher tiered tree then it'll cost more to water, however you'll also get an increased amount of money back from harvesting it. You will always make profit from harvesting Custom Trees.

Here is some important information about each tree and how much profit you can make from selling their harvest.

Tree Type ------ Seed Sell Price ------ Net Profit per Harvest
Apple Tree --------- 20,000 --------------- 10,000
Pear Tree ---------- 50,000 --------------- 30,000
Pineapple Tree ----- 100,000 -------------- 50,000
Orange Tree -------- 150,000 -------------- 75,000
Rose Bush ---------- 250,000 -------------- 150,000
Daisy Bush --------- 400,000 -------------- 250,000
Coconut Tree ------- 600,000 ------------- 350,000
Grape Vine --------- 750,000 -------------- 500,000
Eucalyptus Tree ----- 1,250,000 ------------ 750,000
Pine Tree ----------- 1,800,000 ------------ 1,200,000
Banana Tree -------- 2,750,000 ------------ 2,000,000
Olive Tree ---------- 10,000,000 ----------- 9,000,000

We hope you enjoy this week's content update, take some time to try them all out. Feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server:

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