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Learn how to join our server and start playing in 30 seconds
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Daily Rewards Revamp

Hey everyone! We have completely revamped the free rewards system for voting, allowing players to get even better rewards for supporting the server in game and on Discord without having to buy a single thing!


Players will be able to get 1 credit per vote, as well as claiming 1 free credit every day from our #rewards channel on Discord. This means you'll be able to obtain a total of 5 credits every day.

Linking Account To Discord

In order to get the additional credit per day from the #rewards channel on Discord, players will need to link their Minecraft account to their Discord account. To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into TheArchon on Minecraft and join one of the realms (any realm, does not need to be the realm with your rank)
  2. Type /link in Minecraft and write down the pass phrase it shows you in chat - do not share this pass phrase with anyone!
  3. Open your Discord and type -link in any channel on TheArchon Discord. If you need a link to join the Discord, do /discord in game.
  4. Open the direct message you received from @TheArchon Bot and enter your pass phrase in the DM chat (nowhere else)
  5. Your account is now linked! You can now type anything in the #rewards channel and you'll be given 1 credit. Come back every day to get more!

You don't need any ranks to get the rewards, however if you do have a rank you'll have access to some extra VIP benefits on our Discord. This includes a colorful role that matches your rank in game and access to special VIP channels and the #suggestions channel.

How to Vote

Players can get links to the 4 voting sites in game when they do /vote. Be sure to head to each website and enter your correct IGN to receive the credits.

You can also head over to thearchon.net/vote to see all of the voting links in one place.


As well as earning credits from voting, players will also be able to gain 100s of credits from winning server events. There are multiple events that take place every weekend, with all the information you need to know about them being posted in our #server-events channel on Discord.


You can unlock some awesome rewards by saving up your credits from voting every day. To see what rewards we have to offer, do /rewards in game. Players can unlock the rare Monthly Crate, as well as kits, keys, Stimulus Checks, and other goodies on each realm! Rewards vary per gamemode, so check them out in-game to see exactly what's on offer.

We hope you like this revamp of our rewards available for free to all players - take some time to vote for the server, and claim your free credit from #rewards on our Discord every day:

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