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Skyblock: The Duel Update

Hey everyone! This week we'll be covering the new Duel Map, Kit and /duels lobby update!

Duel Map

Introducing our brand new duels map - SkyWars Arena! Fight your opponent while trying not to fall into the void as this large map consists of floating islands, just like in the SkyWars gamemode.

You'll begin on an island on the opposite side of the map to your opponent, there will be a floating walkway that will take you to the middle island, home to a giant tree.

Duel Kit

Along with the new SkyWars map, we'll be adding a SkyWars kit to go with it. This new kit includes iron gear and a diamond sword, as well as some snowballs and a fishing rod so you can try and knock your opponent off the map! You can choose the SkyWars kit when setting up your duel.

/Duels Lobby

You can now set up a duel for anyone to participate in! Find out who's currently got a duel lobby open using /duels. See what wager, mode, kit and arena someone wants to duel in by hovering your mouse over their head in the menu. Click on their head to begin the duel.

Image from Gyazo

You can create your own duel lobby by going through the normal /duel process but at the end you'll need to right-click the complete setup button. Once you've set up your duel, simply wait for someone to accept it! Once a duel has been accepted by another player, there will be a 5 second countdown until the duel begins.

You can cancel a duel that you've set up by clicking on your own head in the /duels menu.

We hope you enjoy this week's content update, take some time to try it out and leave us your feedback on our Discord:

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