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Easter 2022

Hey everyone! Are you egg-cited that it's finally the Easter weekend? To celebrate, we are releasing the limited-time Easter Egg Crate on our server store and introducing a fun event that you can take part in on the server - the Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Egg Crate

The limited-time Easter Egg Crate will be available from now until April 19th @ 4:00 AM EDT, so hop to it and grab one while you can this Easter Weekend! You can find them in the crate keys category on shop.thearchon.net.

Your Easter Egg could contain a special Rabbit disguise, the highly desirable Bunny Rank, or the Chocolate or Eggcellent titles, Butterfly Wings trail, or Bunny Ears (Survival only)!

The contents of your crate will vary based on the realm, so you can check out what each crate contains below:

Factions - Easter Dungeon

1 of the following:

  • 30d Access to 2021 Kit
  • 6x Iron Golem Spawners

24 of the following:

  • Damage Set
  • Sharp 7 Sword
  • Silverfish Spawner
  • Easter DUNGEON Key
  • 30d Access to 2021 Kit
  • 30d Access to Bunny Kit
  • 30d Access to GrimReaper GKit
  • 30d Access to Jelly Legs
  • Ocelot Disguise
  • Limited Time Eggcelent Tag
  • Limited Time Chocolate Tag
  • Green Particle Trail
  • Sheep Block Trail
  • Butterfly Wings Trail
  • Bunny Spray
  • $10,000,000
  • Bunny Kit (One-Time)
  • 2 2x Spawner Booster (3 Hours)
  • 2 2x EXP Booster (3 Hours)
  • 4x Iron Golems Spawners
  • 8x Creeper Spawner
  • 8x Witch Spawner
  • 8x Villager Spawners
  • 9x Blaze Spawners
  • 6x Tier 3 EXP Pouches
  • 6x Tier 3 Money Pouches
  • 6x Tier 3 mcMMO Pouches
  • 4x Stacker Wand (500 Uses)
  • 8x throwable webs
  • 1x Koth Starter
  • 6x Void Chests
  • 2x Bedrock
  • 16x Chunk Busters
  • 9x Switcher Balls
  • 16x Throwable Creeper Eggs






Bunny Rank

The Bunny Rank is exclusively obtained from the Easter Egg Crate, so you can’t get it anywhere else! The Bunny Rank has the equivalent perks of rank 4 on each realm, in addition to the exclusive Bunny tag cosmetic.

You can use /prefix on any realm to change your tab and chat prefix to one of your currently owned limited rank tags. Show off your Bunny rank in chat for everyone to see!

(rank perks vary on each realm, to see what perks top ranks have, do /rank in game or check out the ranks on our server store)

Easter Egg Hunt Event

The Easter Bunny needs your help! After hopping around the server, they noticed that they clumsily dropped all of their delicious chocolate eggs. You've been tasked with the challenge of locating and returning them all to the Easter Bunny before they melt and are ruined!

Every hour, on the hour, the Easter Bunny will announce in chat that they need your help. You'll need to locate them at spawn to begin your task of finding the lost eggs.

Scramble to be fast, as the Easter Bunny will only need your assistance for 15 minutes and will no longer accept help when it's over 15 minutes past the hour. Your task is to locate all 10 Easter Eggs hidden around the server and return them to the Easter Bunny before they melt to receive your reward!

This challenge will be tough, as only 1 player can find one egg at a time, meaning eggs will disappear and reappear in a different place whenever someone finds one.

We hope you have a very Hoppy Easter from all of the good eggs here at The Archon, and try not to eat too much chocolate and candy this weekend! Thank you for your dedication and everlasting support for the server, no-bunny compares to you! See you online.

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