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The Archon Events Guide

Hey everyone! Here is a quick guide to how the Archon Events work, including information on the Leaderboards and Prize System.

All events take place on our Events realm, to access the realm when there's an event, do /events.


The Events Leaderboard is a leaderboard system where we can track how many wins and points a player has. This leaderboard is split up into 2 sections - the Season Leaderboard and Lifetime Leaderboard.

The Season Leaderboard shows how many wins a player has during that season and resets every 3 months. At the end of the season, players who are ranked 1st, 2nd & 3rd will get a prize.

The Lifetime Leaderboard shows how many wins a player has since the Archon Events began. Players who are ranked 1st, 2nd & 3rd will get prizes every season. This leaderboard will never reset.

Here's a link to the Events Leaderboard:

Event Leaderboards
Winter/Spring 2020 Names,Ranking,Spleef,TnT Run,Race,Dropper,Find the Sign,Sumo,Staff v Players,Karaoke,Total Points Wins,Points,Wins,Points,Wins,Points,Wins,Points,Wins,Points,Wins,Points,Wins,Points,Wins,Points,Wins,Points,Wins DaBrewCrew420,1,1,10,25,13,32,6,13,3,5,1,1,3,6,36 Augustsz,2,2,4,9,12

You can also view the current up-to-date leaderboards in game via the holograms at the Events spawn.

Prize System

Every event that takes place will have 3 placement rounds where players can compete and win points. If you win any points during this, they'll be added to the leaderboard.

The points you can get during every event are:

1st place - 3 points
2nd place - 2 points
3rd place - 1 point

If you place in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in multiple placement rounds then your points will be totaled and added to the leaderboard.

So if you place 1st in the first round, 3rd in the second round, then don't place in the third round, you'll get a total of 4 points.