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Factions QoL Update

Hello everyone! Introducing a Quality of Life content update, where we have made a small number of changes to features on Factions. We're always working hard with the community and staff team to make positive changes to Factions as a whole, as well as push bug fixes every day to make the gamemode an enjoyable place to be. You can view any important changes in the #changelog channel on The Archon official Discord.

All of these changes are being made to every Factions realm, bar a couple of realm-specific changes, and you can look forward to seeing them live on the server today. Take a look:

Faction Changes

Here are a number of changes relating to faction-specific features, as well as some command additions and changes.

  • When /f notifchunks is triggered, a sound effect will be played when the faction is first notified of a raid. This is to make it easier for players to know when this is triggered and react quickly.
  • Players with /f autoclaim enabled at the start of EOTW events, will have it removed automatically by the server.
  • We will be adding existing Faction permission layouts which you can choose to select for your faction to save yourself time.
  • We will be adding a version of /f top that only shows the factions that have their shields disabled.
  • When you have been kicked or leave your faction, you will be teleported directly to spawn in all cases.

Sandy Updates

Sandy is an important feature on Factions, and we're always looking to improve how it works. Take a look:

  • Sandy will now count the block locations underneath the block of your choice, even if sand or red sand is placed at those locations and not air.
  • The radius of Sandy has been increased from 10 to 12 blocks.

Miscellaneous Changes

The next list of changes have been made to a variety of different features on Factions

  • The /ffa spectate command can now be used by everyone, even if you did not join the FFA event initially.
  • When the Infected enchantment has been triggered, the Infected notification has been made bigger on your screen so that you definitely know when you've been affected. The notification size is similar to the one you receive when you catch a fish.
  • We will be adding more chat quizzes to add variety.
  • You can now toggle fishing notifications in the toggle menu.
  • The /ce menu has been updated to showcase enchantments under the items that they can be used on.
  • The timer in the /arcade has been changed to ensure it’s more accurate at the end of the day.

Onyx Features

The following changes have only been made to the Onyx Realm:

  • Faction Missions have been made easier to complete on Onyx due to the smaller faction size.
  • When you unclaim land in /f fly, you will no longer be taken out of fly and required to type the command again, even though wilderness fly exists.

We hope you enjoy this Faction Quality of Life update! Be sure to check out the changes, and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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