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Removing Unfair Advantages from Factions

Hey everyone,

Today we are making a series of significant changes to the Factions gamemode in regards to store bought items giving an advantage to players that purchased them. We have removed all products that we used to sell on the Factions section of our server store, and these items can now be found in-game via the Mob Coin Shop, Events or the brand new Dungeons - all of which are features that are accessible to everyone.

Why the sudden change?

We are making these changes to follow Mojang's more-lenient commercial guidelines. From our understanding, on The Archon all of the gamemodes we currently run follow these guidelines with the exception of Factions due to it's competitive PvP nature. To be fully compliant and allow players to enjoy a more fair environment on Factions, we decided to take the leap and completely revamp the Factions store as you know it.

We understand that there are lot of changes taking place currently on Factions that may be a little overwhelming, but we believe that these changes will make the competitiveness of the gamemode more enjoyable for everyone. We hope that the changes we have made will encourage new players to try out Factions for the first time, and allow existing players to enjoy the free access to all the features they know and love.


Dungeons are dangerous caverns that are filled with the wealthiest loot in the game - if you are brave enough to face the powerful monsters that guard them, you could leave the cavern with pockets full of riches!

In Dungeons you will find items that were previously available on our server store, such as rank perks, pouches, wands, kits, special tools, titles, trails, disguises, spawners and so much more! You can now purchase Dungeon Keys on our Factions server store and ransack the Dungeons to try and take all of the loot!

If you purchase a key to any of the 4 tiers of Dungeon - Common, Epic, Legendary and Monthly - you will unlock the corresponding Dungeon Portal in the Dungeons World that you will need to locate and enter via /dungeons. Dungeon portals will change location every day, so players won't be able to learn where they spawn and camp outside. PvP will not be enabled in the Dungeons World so you don't have to worry about losing your loot or keys, but you can still be damaged by the dangerous mobs guarding the caverns so be careful!

When a player unlocks a Dungeon, a message will be broadcast in chat that tells everyone on the realm that a Dungeon has opened. This means that any online player that wishes to claim the Dungeon loot as their own will have the chance to do so.

Upon entering the Dungeon, you'll find a hoard of mobs that you will need to fight your way through to secure the loot chests. These chests can be found in random places throughout the entire dungeon, so make sure you check every corner and crevasse so you don't miss any!

There are 4 different categories of chests in each tier of Dungeon - Spawner, Cosmetic, Classic and Legendary (with the exception of Monthly Dungeons, which contain some unique prizes). Each chest will display the name above it, as well as showing a particle effect for each category. You can view what awesome loot each category contains in the Dungeons menu via /dungeons.

Image from Gyazo

Be quick to loot the Dungeons as they will collapse after 15 minutes and you will no longer be able to collect items after this point. If you finish looting the Dungeon before the time is up, you can exit via a portal located at the end. After exiting the portal, you will be sent back to spawn.

Existing Buycraft Vouchers

Due to the removal of ranks from the store for the Factions gamemode, we understand this leaves previously gained Buycraft vouchers with little use on Factions moving forward (although we have added cosmetics to the store which can be purchased with Buycraft). Therefore, for the next 7 days, we will be allowing manual rank redemption from Buycraft vouchers. If you have Buycraft vouchers you would like to use on a Factions rank, then please create a -ticket on our Discord linked below.

Overall we believe these changes are going to have a large positive impact on Factions here at TheArchon, and we hope you're all as excited as we are to play future seasons with us! There will be more changes coming in the near future and as with everything we do, we will monitor this new update carefully to apply balancing changes as necessary until it all makes sense - so let us know if you have any feedback about this update in our Discord!

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