Skyblock: The Generator & Enchants Update

Skyblock: The Generator & Enchants Update

Greetings everyone, this week we bring you The Generator & Enchants Update! We will be showcasing these two new and exciting additions throughout this post, let's jump right in.

The Generator

We have reworked cobblestone generators to make them a little more interesting. With generators being a key aspect of skyblock, we noticed that they were being phased out of use as islands became more wealthy, we hope that this update will bring the generators back into relevance while adding an extra little challenge to make you work for the reward.

Generator Tiers

Generators now have tiers which affect the ores spawned in the generator. You must upgrade through these tiers to make your generator more powerful and rewarding. Each tier will introduce a new ore that may spawn, with the ores becoming more and more common as you upgrade. Here is a quick rundown of the different tiers:

  • [Tier 1] Cobblestone - 10,000 Blocks Mined & $100,000
  • [Tier 2] Coal - 100,000 Blocks Mined & $1,000,000
  • [Tier 3] Iron - 250,000 Blocks Mined & $2,500,000
  • [Tier 4] Redstone - 500,000 Blocks Mined & $5,000,000
  • [Tier 5] Gold - 750,000 Blocks Mined & $7,500,000
  • [Tier 6] Lapis Lazuli - 1,000,000 Blocks Mined & $10,000,000
  • [Tier 7] Diamond - 5,000,000 Blocks Mined & $50,000,000
  • [Tier 8] Emerald - 10,000,000 Blocks Mined & $100,000,000

Upgrading Generators

To upgrade a generator you must meet certain criteria which becomes more difficult to achieve as you progress. You must meet the Blocks Mined criteria, which is the amount of blocks you or your island members have mined from a generator (robots do not contribute to this number), and you must pay an upgrade fee on top of that.

You can check your progress on the criteria through the /is GUI like the following GIF will show you:

To upgrade, simply click on the enchanted cobblestone block within the same GUI.

New Custom Enchants


Legendary Enchantment


Legendary Enchantment


Rare Enchantment

We hope you enjoy this week's content update, take some time to try them out and leave us your feedback on our discord:

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