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Skyblock: Genesis Reset

Hey everyone, welcome to the Skyblock Genesis reset post!

The new Genesis map will be released this Saturday May 14th @ 1:00 PM EDT / 4:00 AM AEST / 6:00 PM BST.

Island Top Payouts

Skyblock Genesis has weekly Payouts for the top islands. Here's what you can expect to win:

1st: $200 Paypal
2nd: $50 Paypal & $90 Buycraft
3rd: $25 Paypal & $50 Buycraft
4th: $25 Buycraft
5th: $15 Buycraft

How do we get our payout if we win?

  1. Set your PayPal email on the server with the command: /paypal [email]
  2. Set your Buycraft email on the server with the command: /giftcard [email]

New Spawn

Let's jump right in! With the new reset comes an awesome new spawn and warzone!


Along with the new spawn, we have spent some time reworking and re-balancing the Genesis economy. The new economy document can be found here:

Genesis Season XXV Economy
Blocks Item Name,Buy price/item,Buy price/stack,Buy price/inventory,Buy price/double chest,Sell price/item,Sell price/stack,Sell price/inventory,Sell price/double chestStone,$12.00,$768.00,$27,648.00,$41,472.00,$3.00,$192.00,$6,912.00,$10,368.00Granite,$12.00,$768.00,$27,648.00,$41,472.00,$3.0...

Custom Pickaxes Rework

We've taken a look at how Custom Pickaxes worked over the past season, as wasn't satisfied with how they worked, and their features. As a result we've made some adjustments to the pickaxes so that they work better with the economy as a whole.

All Custom Pickaxes now start with just their base ability and given fortune level, and can gain 2 upgradeable abilities based on the ores mined at the Planets relating to that pickaxe:

  • Haste (up to level 5)
    - 100 ores
    - 500 ores
    - 1000 ores
    - 2000 ores
    - 5000 ores
  • Speed whilst holding pickaxe (up to level 4)
    - 100 ores
    - 500 ores
    - 1000 ores
    - 2000 ores

Below are the changes that we've made to the individual Custom Pickaxes:

  • Harvester of Terra Pickaxe
    - Fortune 5
    - A chance to upgrade an ore, for example Branch → Hardened Stone, Gold → Diamond, Bloodstone → Topaz
  • Sickle of Demeter
    - Fortune 6
    - Retains current Vein Miner ability but with a higher activation rate
  • Hammer of Vulcan
    - Fortune 7
    - Now has an Explosive ability that allows you to mine ores in a radius, which activates at a high rate
  • Pickaxe of Minerva
    - Fortune 8
    - Chance to give double drops from ores (stacks with fortune)

Additional Changes

After the introduction of The Planet System, we've taken some time to balance and rework some features and mechanics, allowing them to work more smoothly and be more enjoyable to use. As well as this, we've made some changes to miscellaneous features around the realm, take a look at the changes here:

  • Added progressive sell prices to ores and the MobCoins you receive from ores, depending on which planet people are on.
  • When you're at a Planet, all of the ores that you mine will now go directly into your inventory.
  • Fortune now works with Custom Ores.
  • Disabled the ability to craft Mob pickaxes, and removed the Haste enchantment from it.
  • Added an Ore Backpack that stores all of your ores and Custom Ores.
  • We have disabled disguises on all Planets.
  • Reworked the economy numbers in line with player feedback.
  • Reworked the /ArchonPass, which now includes new numbers and features.
  • There are new unlock values for The Outpost portal.
  • After taking into consideration how powerful FFA rewards and keys were, we have nerfed them to better suit the economy.
  • You can now obtain Backpacks in additional ways, such as through the Hot Deals.
  • Removed the ‘Kill Guardians’ challenge on Planets and increased some other challenges.
  • Reworked the Boss and Wither Keys.
  • Added more spawners to the Outpost.

Last Reset

During the last reset, we added the awesome new Planet System, if you're not familiar with this update, check it out here:

Skyblock: Genesis Reset
Hey everyone, welcome to the Skyblock Genesis reset post! The new map of Genesis will be released this Saturday 26th March @ 1:00 PM EDT / 4:00 AM AEST / 5:00 PM GMT Island Top PayoutsSkyblock Genesis has weekly Payouts for the top islands. Here’s what you can expect to

Content Updates

As well as resets bringing a lot of new changes, we also release content updates for both Skyblock as a whole, and network-wide. Our most recent update was the Chunk Loader update, check it out:

Chunk Loader Update
Hello everyone! As you may know, recently Mojang and Microsoft have been requiring players to migrate their accounts in order to play Minecraft, thus limiting the number of accounts that people have access to due to not being able to migrate them. As a result of this, we are introducing

Keep your eye out on our Discord, Twitter, and website for all the new updates coming out in the future. If you have any map suggestions, then please make a suggestion on our Discord, we'd love to hear them! Thank you everyone for another amazing map, see you all at 1:00 PM EDT on Saturday for the Genesis reset!

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