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Skyblock: Infinity Chests and Warp Edit Update

Hey everyone! This week we'll be covering the new Infinity Chests and /editwarp update!

Infinity Chests

Introducing our brand new Infinity Chests, a safe place to store an infinite amount of value blocks that contributes to your overall island value. Place all of your valuable blocks in these chests to prevent messy value block towers on your island!

How much value can you store?

Infinity Chests come in 3 different sizes - each chest has a different maximum value for island levels that you can store. The sizes are 10, 50 and 100 million levels worth of items.

Although there is a limit to the amount of value that can be stored, you can store an infinite amount of items to contribute to the overall island level until you reach the limit!

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Find out which blocks can be stored in the Infinity Chests by doing /value. All blocks that are placed inside the Infinity Chests can't be removed afterwards. When you break the Infinity Chests, they will automatically be placed in your inventory with all the value stored intact.

Grab yourself an Infinity Chest from the /mobshop for Mobcoins! The 10M chest sells for 25k mobcoins, the 50M chest sells for 40-45k mobcoins & the 100M chest sells for 60k-70k mobcoins. Note: The prices for the chests may vary based on the rotating Mobshop - so get them when you can!


This new command will be useful to players who are members of multiple islands on Skyblock and want players to teleport to one of them.

When you do the command /editwarp or /warpedit, you will be able to select which one of the Islands that you are a member of for players to teleport to when they click your [warp] messages in chat.

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After reboots tonight you will be able to change which island members can use [warp] using the island flags system.

We hope you enjoy this week's content update, take some time to try them out and leave us your feedback on our Discord:

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