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Learn how to join our server and start playing in 30 seconds
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Introducing: Outlands

Hey everyone!

We are excited to announce that on December 28th at 3 PM EST, TheArchon will be launching a new game mode: Outlands!

No mods are needed to play Outlands  on TheArchon. Our fantastic team and partners work hard to make sure you only need an automatically-downloaded resource pack and a Minecraft version between 1.8 and latest to play.


Learning to play Outlands is easy. Follow the interactive tutorial prompted by clicking on the "Tutorial" NPC in spawn when you first join the Outlands game mode to learn how to play.


To start your first base, you need to collect logs from Trees or Wood Piles and use them to craft a Crafting Table. On the crafting table, you will find an option to craft your Tool Cupboard, which is the block used to create a building-allowed area, put it on the ground to be able to build in that place. You can always craft defence blocks (and dozens of other things) using the crafting table!


In Outlands combat, you can use guns to damage other players. The server has a rarity system for guns and equipment: the rarer the gun or equipment, the more damage or protection the item will have.


You can further protect your base by adding Turrets or even Anti-Aircrafts capable of attacking vehicles over 30 blocks away! You can also use wireframes to defend your base.


Players can quickly move between long distances using helicopters, cars, motorcycles or quadricycles. Vehicles must be stored safely inside your base because anyone who comes close to it will be able to drive the vehicle; be careful when protecting your base as it will hold your vehicles! No mods required to see these vehicles.


GIF of radioactive cities: https://gyazo.com/07f3df68e19e97bafdf6e8bd7d80e077

You can also explore different cities that have special items inside radioactive barrels, be careful because cities have radiation and few mystery enemies!


We have three rich caves around the map; these caves have a lot of resources, be sure to spend some time trying to find them and build your base nearby! Caves are like corners on Factions: very limited. Be sure to start playing Outlands on December 28th at 3 PM EST.


You will need at least 10 hours of gameplay to create your clan. Your clan will have a member limit of 7 people (upgradable through Buycraft). Clans with lots of clan points receive rewards every week. Rewards include crate keys, vehicles, etc. Clan points are received by killing enemies and by winning a Gladiator event, which is a massive clan war that happens daily at 7:30PM EST.