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Minecraft Prison Servers: the IP address and how to play guide

Here at TheArchon we offer one of the top voted and longest running prison servers in Minecraft. Today we'll look at the gameplay, the custom features, and how to start playing with thousands of others.

How to play Minecraft Prison Servers

To get started, open your Minecraft: Java Edition game and head to the Multiplayer section. Head to the bottom of the menu and then 'Add Server'. Input the following details to start playing the jail server:

Server Name: The Archon

Server IP Address: prison.archonhq.net

Minecraft Version: 1.8-1.18 (January 2022)

Why play Prison Minecraft Servers?

The gameplay on prison games isn't just about jail itself. Popular servers such as TheArchon bring lots of new features which turns the game mode into their own kind of MMO. Head into The Arcade and play darts with hundreds of other online players, or even fight other parties in the battle arena. Level up through the mines and make your way through the prestige system. Can you become the richest?

Prison Mine P

How to Level Up on Prison

The main aim of the game is to escape the mines which you do through mining; it is Minecraft after all! You start in the A mine and work your way through different landscapes all the way to the Z mine. Each mine contains a different set of ores. From simple coal ores all the way to emerald blocks. Aim for the rarer blocks which stick out to earn maximum money. Look for the prisoner merchants around the entrance of the mines to sell your items to.

There's also a wide range of ways to further increase your progress on the Minecraft server. Candies are created by the game developers just for TheArchon. Plant seeds which grow into random candies. They give you special effects when you eat them; such as mining faster. This is perfect for levelling up quicker and making your way through the game. Trade items with other any of the thousands of other players for money too!

When you unlock the top mine and prestige; you can unlock sell boosters, custom pickaxes and more to make the grind even more rewarding. Compete with other players in the leaderboards for the seasonal rewards or just unlock new perks such as our custom pets.

Game Modes

Within the op prison gameplay, there's extra modes within the server for you to play and co-operate with others in.

Minecraft Prison Plot World

Plot World

Head to the plot world and claim your own piece of land to build on. From castles to simple storage bases, there's plenty of opportunities for builds on our large plots. Invite other players to your plot to team up when you want a break from the grind. Compete against other players for the top plot awards as well.

King of the Hill

Commonly referred to as KoTH, King of the Hill requires players to battle for control over a capture point found inside the Minecraft PvP (Player vs Player) arena. You must stay inside the capture zone without dying or being chased outside of it, or else the timer resets. The first player or team to stay inside the zone for the set time (usually 5-15 minutes) wins. On Prison, you receive a King of the Hill Crate Key which contains rare prizes for your prison journey. These include an armor set exclusive to the event as well as other prizes such as rare crate keys.

TheArchon Prison Outposts


Unlike King of the Hill, outposts are ongoing events. One of the unique features on TheArchon, the outpost opens every 1.5 hours for a duration of 15 minutes or until a team reaches 250 points. Win the outpost and get access to the Outpost Mine! This gives you an extra +0.5 sell booster for earning extra money throughout your prison escape journey.

Boss Showdown

Occurring once a day, Boss Showdown takes place in an arena and is announced in the multiplayer game chat. If you slay all the bosses, you will win a Boss Showdown Crate Key.

Arcade Darts

Head over to the Prison arcade to play darts. When you start playing, you will be given a bow and a target. The target will be shown to you in the game chat, with the goal to shoot an arrow and hit the target. This is a fun break from one of the best prison servers in Minecraft!

Contraband Drops

Every three hours, the war zone is filled with contraband for prisoners all around the server to battle over. Coordinates will be displayed in chat with the location of the loot, which you must fight over in order to get the drops. The drops are filled with some of the top loot in the game.

Arcade Crash

Here you can select an Arcade Machine and start playing the Crash minigame. Start by wagering your choice of your EXP. The reward increases as time continues; but you must determine the best time to cash out so you don't crash and lose it all!

Arcade Mob Battles

Got an eye for the winning mob? Here you can place a wager on two mobs in the mob battles arena. Place a wager on the winning mob and cash out big. If you're looking for a quick way to level up through the game; this isn't a bad option. Be careful not to wager all your money though!

Arcade Bow Battle

With some technique, it is possible to bow boost yourself in the Minecraft game to gain some forward momentum. Shoot a bow with minimal power in order to achieve this effect. The bow boosting battles game is based around this concept. The goal is to boost yourself to the finish line. Win and receive extra cash for your prison adventure.

Arcade Horse Racing

Like Cheltenham, but on a Minecraft server. Speak to the bet master and place your bets on the horses. Place a bet on the winning horse to win a cash out.

Emerald & Gold Ores on Prison Servers

How to add minecraft prison to your server list?

First of all, open the Minecraft: Java Edition game. Head to the multiplayer menu and click Add Server. Input the following details: The Archon, prison.archonhq.net. Make sure you are playing on the latest version of Minecraft for the best results.

What is an OP Prison Server?

While the prison game mode in Minecraft started out as a rather simple prison escape game mode; it has evolved over the years to better suit player tastes. OP Prison refers to the fact that it is overpowered in comparison to the normal Minecraft prison map; and now servers may offer both types of the game mode. TheArchon features thousands of hours of extra development time in comparison to a normal prison server, which is why it may be referred to as OPPrison.

What is the IP address for Minecraft Prisons?

The IP address is prison.archonhq.net. It is one of the largest and oldest prison servers and is regularly voted as one of the top Minecraft servers. Start playing today on the latest version of the game.

Minecraft Jail Mines

Custom Features

Auction House

With hundreds of thousands of players that have joined TheArchon, the auction house is something that is used by many. Browse all kinds of items and perks which other players have put up for sale, or even put up a listing of your own. It is organised in a neat virtual menu which can be accessed by running the /ah command. This is a great way to trade with other players and obtain items which may be otherwise hard to come by!


All prison servers in Minecraft are free-to-play, but offer perks and upgrades in the game to help support our game development. To see the ranks available on our prison server, head over to TheArchon Store. They come with bundles of new kits, items and more, with the added bonus of a special badge across the game.

Minecraft Prison Pig Sky Mine

Mine Bombs

Mine Bombs can be purchased from the "/eshop" and set off in the mines to quickly eradicate large mining areas. Sell the looted items for cash and blow your way to the top! Exclusive to TheArchon, you can also get Candy Bombs here too. Explode them in the mine to receive candies for those special effects.


Obtain Crate Keys from a wide range of game mechanics such as voting the top Minecraft server. Boss fights, the arcade, and more are also great ways to obtain crates. Head to spawn and unlock them to spin for rewards.

Pet Armor

Some of the most powerful armor in the game, Pet Armor uses your pets to give the set extremely powerful abilities. This is yet another feature that can make certain prison minecraft servers such as TheArchon stand out from others. Each set of pet armor has unique colors, effects and more.

Minecraft Prison Server Lapis Ores


It is prison after all! Set bounties on your enemies which can be collected by slaying said player inside the warzone. The first player to kill the target will collect the whole bounty.


When you start mining, you will notice that on most prison servers the blocks are deposited into your backpack. On TheArchon for example, this is a custom designed backpack with the logo on! This helps you to store more items. Right-click the backpack to open it and retrieve items to be sold.

Custom Ores

From the prestige five mine upwards, custom ores can be obtained in the game. These ores can be used to forge new pickaxes.

Dimension Hoppers

Yet another fantasy twist to the game, dimension hoppers send you to another dimension. The twist is that while the mine may be the same, your blocks will sell for more. If you're looking for to progress quickly through the prison mines, then this is a great idea!

Minecraft Servers with Prisoners

Custom Enchantments

Perfect for battle or mining, obtain a whole array of new enchantments to protect yourself in the Minecraft prisons. They can be obtained by running the "/ce" for battle or "/tokenshop" for mining. Drag the enchantments onto the item to finish enchanting.


Boosters are obtained from the "/eshop" in the game. These are modifiers that help you progress quicker through a variety of functions such as money or experience.

Amazing Builds on Prison Minecraft Servers

Is there a prison in Minecraft?

Of course! Some servers operate a traditional prison experience with cells and a prison yard. Newer servers such as TheArchon take on different themes to make the game new and refreshing. Did you know that some of the more traditional prison maps have been around for 10 years? Currently, TheArchon offers a fun and more friendly candy theme. Work your way through the fantasy themed mines today!

Minecraft Emerald & Gold Ores

How to get money in Minecraft servers like OP Prison?

  • Mining
  • Multiplayer item trading
  • Voting for the server
  • Side missions like fishing, woodcutting
  • Server areas like the Arcade

How do you get water and other items on prison servers?

Prison servers are not just a simple jail full of mines! Use the money you earn from mining to buy a whole range of items from the in-game shop. On TheArchon, the shop is packed full of items to enhance your gameplay. Here you can purchase items which can't be obtained in the mines, such as water and apples. To get started, run the "/shop" command on the servers.

Other Servers

TheArchon is on the largest server networks in Minecraft, regularly achieving 30-40,000 votes on each  server list monthly. Take to the skies on the Minecraft SkyBlock servers, battle over land in Factions, or enjoy our other custom made games such as Outlands and Robbery. The server IP is prison.archonhq.net.

What do you do in prison servers in Minecraft?

The aim of the game is to mine your way to freedom. Mine your way through the A - Z mines and complete your prison escape journey. Compete against other players in the leaderboards and try to earn the most money. Side aims include working on your plot and obtaining the best custom items in the game.

How much money is it to rank up on minecraft prison servers?

The required amount of money to rank up increases with each mine you unlock. From just a few hundred dollars up to mllions; but this varies by server. On all servers, the required amout is displayed in-game. Run the command "/mines" to learn more.

What is the server IP for prison servers in Minecraft?

prison.archonhq.net. Open your Minecraft launcher on the latest version and head to the multiplayer menu to start playing.

When did minecraft prison servers come out?

Maps started to appear for download shortly after the game came out in 2011. However, these were mostly singleplayer or designed for small groups of people. It started with players in cells and small mines, but today there are candy prison type servers like TheArchon with dozens of mines and new features to enjoy.

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2022