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Factions: Onyx Mini

Greetings everyone, we are excited to introduce the latest Mini Map!

Realm Information

The Onyx Mini Map will release on Sunday October 16th @ 3:00 PM EDT / 6:00 AM AEST / 8:00 PM BST.

The map will last 5 days which means there will only be 1 payout that will be issued at the end of the map on Friday 21st October @ 5PM EDT.

  • 5-day map – 2 days of Grace & 3 days of TNT
  • 5 man factions
  • 3-second cannoning
  • 15 Chunk Buffers
  • Faction Shields last 18 hours
  • 900 Power per player
  • Unlimited Roster Size, unlimited kicks per day, max of unlimited at one time
  • Faction Shields are set on Tuesday @ 5:00 PM EDT
  • Mining Spawner costs change from being free to costing 60% of their shop price on Tuesday @ 3:00 AM EDT
  • TNT drop rates changed from Grace drop rates (50%) to Raiding drop rates (100%) on Tuesday @ 3:00 AM EDT
  • Faction Shields are disabled from 12 PM - 5 PM EDT on the Payout day
  • 5 grinding areas of 18 Silverfish Spawners in the Mycelium World (Reached & Exited via the End Portal)
  • Account Sharing Allowed
  • No Regens
  • Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Mycelium, and Spawner Economy
  • The economy sheet can be found here
  • Limited Custom Enchants
  • Bow Boosting Enabled
  • $595 F-Top, $195 PayPal & $400 Buycraft
  • 9 custom worlds along with the overworld with a border of 2500 x 2500 giving 40 corners – The End, The Nether, RedWorld, GreyWorld, ClayWorld, SunWorld, DarkWorld, CherryWorld, and CrystalWorld
  • During grace, TNT & Creeper Eggs will be disabled
  • During the first 30 minutes of the map, Faction Fly will be disabled

Faction-Top Payouts

The first 2 days of the grace period will have no payout. Here are the prizes for the payout placings:

  • First Place: $130 Paypal & $150 Buycraft
  • Second Place: $50 PayPal & $100 Buycraft
  • Third Place: $25 PayPal & $75 Buycraft
  • Fourth Place: $50 Buycraft
  • Fifth Place: $25 Buycraft

How do we get our payout if we win?

  1. Set your PayPal email on the server with the command: /paypal [email]
  2. Set your Buycraft email on the server with the command: /giftcard [email]

Mini Map Spawn

We're dusting off some golden maps from days long past, and restoring them to their former glory! Take a look at the spawn you can expect to see for the upcoming Mini Map:

Mini Map & Rule Changes

Mini Maps are super short maps will take place between main seasons on Onyx, or during longer break periods. You'll find that the main seasons of Onyx will begin on Saturdays per the usual reset schedule and that Mini Maps will start on off-days. Mini Maps are expected to be between 3-5 days in length.

Map details and rules have been updated to accommodate the Mini Map changes, so be sure to read through the rules before taking part in the new maps, to avoid confusion.

Additional Information

Last but not least, here is some miscellaneous information:

  • We will be running a Mining, Woodcutting, and Fishing alongside Mycelium (Silverfish) economy.
  • Infinite Obsidian will now be stackable to account for players with high ping.
  • There will now be a piece of paper that you can right-click to redeem a one-time kit when winning kits from Crates or Dungeons. This will help save a lot more inventory space.
  • You can now see a countdown for when the next Sumo Tournament will begin in /arcade.
  • Healthboost 3 will be making a comeback! This provides players with extra hearts.

I hope you're excited for the all-new Mini Map seasons, see you at 3:00 PM EDT on Sunday for the start of the world!

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