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Factions: Onyx Reset

Greetings everyone, the newest season of Factions Onyx is here!

Realm Information

Map #19 of the Onyx realm will release on Saturday, January 4th, @ 3:00 PM EST/5:00 AM AEST/8:00 PM BST

Map Details:

  • 45 man factions
  • 3-second cannons
  • Mining cost +f shield are set & TNT drop rates buffed on Friday @ 3 AM EST
  • 20-day maps - 6 days of grace + 14 days of TNT
  • No Regens
  • Sugarcane Economy
  • Custom Enchants
  • $2,500 F-TOP - $1,500 Paypal, $1,000 Buycraft
  • Overworld Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Nether Border: 2500 x 2500
  • End Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Redworld Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Grey Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Mycelium Border: 250 x 250

Faction-Top Payouts

As usual, the first 6 days of grace period will have no payout. Here are the prizes for the payout placings:

  • First Place: $1000 Paypal & $500 Buycraft
  • Second Place: $300 PayPal & $300 Buycraft
  • Third Place: $200 PayPal & $200 Buycraft
  • Fourth Place: $100 Buycraft
  • Fifth Place: $50 Buycraft

Note: FTOP will be paid out once per week that raiding is enabled. The amounts listed above are the total amounts we are giving away to the winners.

How do we get our payout if we win?

  1. Set your PayPal email on the server with the command: /paypal [email]
  2. Set your Buycraft email on the server with the command: /giftcard [email]






Warlock Changes

  • While wearing Warlock armor, you will no longer receive the Resistance effect
  • The max power at any one given time has been increased to 120
  • Speed 3 will now cost 30 power
  • Strength 3 will now cost 40 power
  • Jump Boost 7 will now cost 40 power
  • Slowness will now give Slowness 2 instead & costs 50 power

Economy Changes

To help balance out the economy we've made the following changes:

  • Sugarcane has been buffed from $18/stack to $22/stack
  • There will be a 10% tax when Void Chests are used to deposit TNT & sell items
  • Iron has been nerfed from $130/stack to $125/stack

Roster Changes

Roster changes will be logged in /f logs

You will now be able to modify the ranks of those in your Roster using /f roster add {player} {rank}

It will now be easier for you all to see the status of your roster within /f roster list

  • The player will be highlighted in green if they are online
  • The player will be highlighted in red if they are offline
  • Beside each name will say "Kickable", "Locked", "Banned" depending on their status within the roster

New Faction Missions

To help balance raiding, we've added 3 tiers of F Missions. More information can be seen below.

Tier 1

Task - Break 100,000 Sugarcane within a 48 hour period
Reward - Take 10% less damage in your faction land
Cost - $10,000,000

Tier 2

Task - Break 150,000 Sugarcane within a 48 hour period
Reward - Take 15% less damage in your faction land
Cost - $15,000,000

Tier 3

Task - Break 200,000 Sugarcane within a 48 hour period
Reward - Take 20% less damage in your faction land
Cost - $20,000,000

Other F Missions will also receive slight changes

PvP & Raiding Quality of life updates

During the last season, we spoke to the Factions community and read their suggestions and feedback through tickets. We got together a list of changes and fixes to improve the overall player experience, making PvP and Raiding a lot more balanced. Here is our list of changes:

  • Factions in Shield will be able to use dispensers unless within a close range of a spawnerchunk
  • Faction Shields will be extended to last 6 hours
  • The cobweb limit has been removed
  • Knockback given by Sandy, Candy & Mandy has been removed
  • Taxi Signs will be able to be used in combat
  • Switcherballs will be able to be used in combat
  • Switcherballs will be easier to gain
  • You will not be able to open up placed enderchests in combat
  • The roam cooldown will be reduced to 1 minute
  • /f map will update (when toggled) when flying & bow boosting
  • Infected has been nerfed & you will not be able to be infected twice in a short duration
  • The time & who you are raiding will be shown in the raiding scoreboard
  • We will be adding a priority system when the default scoreboard is selected - This will ensure that the correct scoreboard is displayed for you depending on the situation
  • The defending faction will be notified when they move from Phase 1 to Phase 2 in Lockdown
    Note: The defending faction will not be notified if lockdown goes back to Phase 1 during the same raid