Factions: Onyx Reset

Factions: Onyx Reset

Greetings everyone, the newest season of Factions Onyx is here!

Realm Information

The new map of the realm will release on Saturday, January 25th, @ 3:00 PM EST/5:00 AM AEST/8:00 PM BST

Map Details:

  • 45 man factions
  • 3-second cannons
  • Mining cost + f shield are set on Friday @ 3 AM EST
  • 20-day maps - 6 days of grace + 14 days of TNT
  • No Regens
  • Sugarcane Economy
  • Custom Enchants
  • $2,500 F-TOP - $1,500 Paypal, $1,000 Buycraft
  • Overworld Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Nether Border: 2500 x 2500
  • End Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Redworld Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Grey Border: 2500 x 2500
  • Mycelium Border: 250 x 250

Faction-Top Payouts

As usual, the first 6 days of grace period will have no payout. Here are the prizes for the payout placings:

  • First Place: $1000 Paypal & $500 Buycraft
  • Second Place: $300 PayPal & $300 Buycraft
  • Third Place: $200 PayPal & $200 Buycraft
  • Fourth Place: $100 Buycraft
  • Fifth Place: $50 Buycraft

Note: FTOP will be paid out once per week that raiding is enabled. The amounts listed above are the total amounts we are giving away to the winners.

How do we get our payout if we win?

  1. Set your PayPal email on the server with the command: /paypal [email]
  2. Set your Buycraft email on the server with the command: /giftcard [email]

New Features

Brand new spawn:



New PvP Arena



New Cannon Jar

That's right, after many months of work that was put into creating our own cannon jar, we are now at the point where we feel comfortable enough to put it out on our live servers.
The new cannon jar will make a huge difference to the performance of cannons during the TNT period of the map.
Feel free to test the new cannon jar on our cannon server and report and bugs or issues to us via -tickets on Discord.

Forestry & Lumberjack Axe

The Forest

The Forest is a new hub for all activities related to woodcutting. The magical powers of the forest will increase your woodcutting MCMMO gains. The logs inside the forest will turn into bedrock after being chopped down and will eventually reguvinate based on the amount of people inside the forest. Access the forest using /Forest

Lumberjack Axe

This axe is a woodcutter's best friend. After you unlock it through our new /pshop, the axe will give more mcmmo exp, chance to double drop rewards & wood or whole trees at the max level & it will increase efficiency levels.

To unlock the axe, you must mine 1000 of any log & have 2,500,000 Million EXP. At its base tier, the axe will give the following bonuses:

  • 5% Increase in Woodcutting EXP
  • 2% Chance to chop extra wood in /forest
  • 2% Chance to obtain double the rewards

You may level up the axe by completing small quests specific to the item. At max tier, the axe will give the following bonuses:

  • 20% Increase in Woodcutting EXP
  • 8% Chance to chop extra wood in /forest
  • 8% Chance to chop down the entire tree (with a 1 minute cooldown)
  • 8% Chance to obtain double the rewards

Stacker Wands

The new Stacker Wands will remove all sand, gravel, and red sand in the x, z position you use it in. This means that when clicked on a collumn of a wall, it will clear that collumn of those blocks on all Y values. These will be available in the crates.

Miscellaneous Changes

Here are some miscellaneous changes to make your experience better:

  • You can now add offline players to rosters
  • You can now claim and unclaim land by clicking in the /F Map - Disable this feature using /f mapedit
  • You can no longer set home inside the warzone
  • You can now check your faction stealth status by using /f stealth status
  • /f baltop will show you the richest people in your faction
  • You can now use /f raidtimer to check the status of your active raids