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Skyblock: Origins Reset

Hey everyone, welcome to the Skyblock Origins reset announcement!

The new Origins map will be released this Saturday, April 1st @ 1:00 PM EDT / 4:00 AM AEST / 6:00 PM BST.

New Spawn

Let's jump right in! Along with the new reset, we have an awesome underwater-themed spawn, screenshots of this aquatic paradise can be found below:


Along with the new spawn, we have spent some time reworking and re-balancing the Origins economy. The new economy document can be found here:

Origins Season XXXII Economy
Blocks Item Name,Buy price/item,Buy price/stack,Buy price/inventory,Buy price/double chest,Sell price/item,Sell price/stack,Sell price/inventory,Sell price/double chestStone,$12,00,$768,00,$27.648,00,$41.472,00,$3,00,$192,00,$6.912,00,$10.368,00Granite,$12,00,$768,00,$27.648,00,$41.472,00,$3,0…

Necrotic Enhancers

We're introducing Necrotic Enhancers to Origins! Harness the power of the dead to increase your own and dominate in the battlefield! These items provide boosts to normal and custom enchantments on armor! Charge up your Necrotic Enhancers by slaying mobs located on The Deep, with 1 mob killed = 1 second of boost.

These Necrotic Enhancers can be found in the /MobShop, SkyDrops and in crates. When you obtain one, it will be locked to a certain piece of armor - this means that there will be Boot Enhancers, Leggings Enhancers, Chestplate Enhancers, and Helmet Enhancers. Don't worry about commitment though this isn't a permanent application to one item of armor as when it runs out of charge, you can rebind it. There is a 20 second cooldown between enhancer activation, and you can only activate one at a time.

These reusable items will be activated by right-clicking them while they're in your hotbar. When activated on a piece of armor, it will temporarily increase the unbreaking and protection levels, as well as the potency of custom enchantments.

  • General Effects - Two level boost to protection and unbreaking of that single armor piece for the duration of the enhancers charge.
  • Passive Custom Enchantments - Increases the effect of the custom enchantment by two levels - for example Health Boost 4 would go from 18 → 22 full red hearts or Speed 3 would temporarily give Speed 5.
  • Chance Activation Enchantments - Increases the chance of the enchantment activating by 50% (of the current rate) within that period.

Note: No effect increase will be applied for enchantments with only 1 level such as Feast or Blaze.

Types of Crystal
There are 3 types of Necrotic Enhancers you can get, with each one holding a different quantity of charges:

  • 50 charge enhancer (50 seconds) - Available in rotating OP Mobshop and reward from /ArchonPass.
  • 75 charge enhancer (75 seconds) - Available in Hot Deals Mobshop and crates.
  • 100 charge enhancer (100 seconds) - Rare item found in Hot Deals, crates or purchasable from the server store.

Additional Changes

Last but not least, here a handful of miscellaneous changes that have been added to the new season of Origins.

  • Reintroducing Map Points for the first 6 weeks of the map! Screenshots for these will be taken at 5pm EDT every Friday
  • Re-enabled Rod Upgrades and rebalanced them

Keep your eye out on our Discord, Twitter, and website for all the new updates coming out in the future. Thank you everyone for another amazing map, see you all in the new year at 1:00 PM EDT on Saturday for the Origins reset!

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