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Skyblock: Origins Reset

Hey everyone, welcome to the Skyblock Origins reset post.

The new map of Origins will be released this Saturday July 4th @ 1:00 PM EST / 3:00 AM AEST / 6:00 PM BST

Let's jump right in! With the new reset comes a new spawn, screenshots can be found below:

Along with the new spawn, we have spent some time reworking and re-balancing the Origins economy. The new economy document can be found here:

Origins Season XIII Economy
Blocks Item Name,Buy price/item,Buy price/stack,Buy price/inventory,Buy price/double chest,Sell price/item,Sell price/stack,Sell price/inventory,Sell price/double chest Stone,$12.00,$768.00,$27,648.00,$41,472.00,$3.00,$192.00,$6,912.00,$10,368.00 Granite,$12.00,$768.00,$27,648.00,$41,472.00,$3.0...

Bi-Weekly Updates

As you may know already, we release bi-weekly content updates for Skyblock. This means that you wont have to wait for updates to be added just during the resets, instead you'll see new features added every 2 weeks!

We recently released 3 brand new features, if you're not up to date with the latest content updates then be sure to check them out below:

New Content Updates

Cobblestone generators have been updated so that every generator starts at level 1 and automatically begins generating ores. As well as this we've added a brand new minigame, Blackjack & some other smaller changes.

Skyblock: New Content Updates
Hey everyone! For this week’s content update we have updated cobblestone generators as well as added a brand new minigame - Blackjack! Be the player with the closest number to 21 to win! You can also look forward to seeing some other Skyblock related updates. Cobblestone Generators Cobblestone gene…

The PvP Update

We have revamped some aspects of PvP such as Skydrops, Gem Transformers, Warzone Drop Parties and combat logging as well as introducing a brand new Power item in the /pshop called the Ice Breaker Pickaxe!

Skyblock: The PvP Update
Hey everyone! For this week’s content update we’ll be revamping some aspects of PvP and introducing a brand new Power item into the /pshop! Revamped Content Skydrops The rewards you can receive from opening Skydrops in the warzone have been revamped and players will now be able to receive higher va…

Mob Armor Update

Introducing Mob Armor! We've added 5 new Mob Armor kits, each coming with their own special abilities. Craft Mob Armor using Enhanced Mob heads in a crafting table.

Skyblock: Mob Armor Update
Hey everyone! For this week’s content update we’ll be introducing Mob Armor. We are adding 5 new Mob Armor kits, each coming with their own special abilities! Mob Armor This brand new armor can be crafted like normal armor in a crafting table, however you must be using using Enhanced Mob Heads inst…

Keep your eye out on our Discord, Twitter, and website for all the new updates coming out in the future. Thank you everyone for another amazing map, see you all at 1:00 PM EST on Saturday for the Origins reset!

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