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Outlands Season 3

Hey everyone, We are excited to announce that on Saturday February 8th at 3 PM EST, TheArchon will be launching it's third season of Outlands!

We would like to thank all of you for the feedback we received during our second Outlands map via the survey system. Over 2000 of you gave your valuable opinions that we have meshed together to create a Outlands season that you will all love even more than the last.

3D Backpack System

Every player will now have access to the Standard 3D backpack which you can upgrade to bigger backpacks using recipes. Soldier rank and above will also have access to the Premium backpack straight away.

You will gain more slots as you upgrade your backpack, but be careful - your backpack and all of the items inside will be dropped when you die. Backpacks can be opened by right-clicking the 9th slot of the hot bar.

Recycler Block

Recycle any recipes and items that you don't need anymore to gain even better recipes!

Recyclers can be found in some popular Radiation Towns but will also be available on the server store if you want to get one of your own! The store can be found here.

Recruitment GUI system

Are you searching for a clan or do you need new members for your clan? Use the command /recruitment and invite players that are looking for a team or see which clans are currently recruiting.

Oil Rig Platform

Introducing the Oil Rig - a large platform that is far out to sea but is home to a lot of OP radiation barrels. You can find the Oil Rig platform's location on the mini map by looking for a yellow square.

New Gun & Vehicle

Introducing the Eoka pistol and the Bicycle! These new items will be available for players when they hit certain personal levels - the Eoka pistol will be unlocked at level 12 and the Bicycle at level 22.

We wanted to add weapons and vehicles that are easier to obtain so you can traverse the map with items you don't mind risking early on.

New Gladiator Map

Check out our new Gladiator map! Battle against other clans to become the victors in these old suburban ruins.

Webstore new items.

We've added a bunch of new global effects, buffs, and personal tools to the webstore. Head on over and check them out!

General improvements

We will post a changelog containing all the 25+ modifications/fixes in our #changelog channel on Discord - Stay tuned and be sure to prepare your clan to play Outlands on Saturday February 8th at 3 PM EST!

Thank you for the continued support! See you at the start of season 3 very soon.

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