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Outlands Reset

Hello everyone! Today we are happy to announce that on Saturday April 10th @ 2:00 PM EST / 5:00 AM AEST / 6:00 PM BST. we will be resetting the Outlands gamemode!

Top 5 Payouts

The map will last 3 weeks. Payouts are evaluated every Friday at 5PM EST - The 1st week after the wipe will not have payouts, only the 2nd and 3rd weeks.

Weekly Rewards:

  • First Place: $150 PayPal & $120 Buycraft
  • Second Place: $100 PayPal & $70 Buycraft
  • Third Place: $55 Buycraft
  • Forth Place: $35 Buycraft
  • Fifth Place: $25 Buycraft

How do we get our payout if we win?

  • Set your PayPal email on the server with the command: /paypal [email]
  • Set your Buycraft email on the server with the command: /giftcard [email]

Conqueror Ranking

As an incentive to not kill peaceful players (users with less than 10 hours of gameplay), you can earn Buycraft rewards for having the highest amount of points in the Conqueror ranking system.

This reward is evaluated on the last Friday of the season at 5:00PM EST.

Season Rewards:

  • First Place: $30 Buycraft
  • Second Place: $20 Buycraft
  • Third Place: $15 Buycraft
  • Forth Place: $10 Buycraft
  • Fifth Place: $10 Buycraft

How do we get our rewards if we win the Conqueror ranking?

  • Set your Buycraft email on the server with the command: /giftcard [email]

New Map

We will be introducing a brand new map to the upcoming season of Outlands, which will have 6 biomes, including the Middle Biome - home to the infamous Oil Rig, as well as 3 Caves and 4 Cities. We're excited for you all to play on this map, as we feel like it is the best one yet!

Take a look at the new map below and begin planning where you want to build your base. The Cities are marked with yellow squares and the Caves are marked with pink squares.

Attributes Rework

Last season we applied an update that allowed us to rebalance all leveling up progression, making it harder to level up when you already have a significantly high level - thus preventing players from getting too powerful, too quickly.

We made this change to prepare for the Attributes rework that we will be adding to the upcoming season of Outlands to further balance progression in-game. Attributes can be viewed using /attributes.

We know that attributes are one of the most important aspects that defines the path that you're going to follow on Outlands, as they are the main rewards for leveling up. Take a look at the changes that we've made for this season:

- Chance to duplicate ores when mining
- Chance to duplicate wood when mining
- Chance to duplicate mob drops when killing them
- Chance to craft items instantly

- Chance to find more items in barrels
- Chance to find items with rarity
- Chance to resist radiation in Cities

- Deal more damage using Rifles (0.008%) Max of 33%
- Deal more damage using Snipers (0.08%) Max of 33%
- Deal more damage using SMGs (0.14%) Max of 50%
- Deal more damage using Pistols (0.2%) Max of 100%

Research and Recycler Rework

As we mentioned previously, our plan for upcoming resets consists of reworking in-game features that were not being used as much as we wanted. This includes the Research Table and Recycler.

Research Table
You will no longer be able to use attribute points on the Research Table, instead you'll be able to use the Research Stone item, which can be found in Supply Crates (Premium) and Radioactive Barrels (Free).

Each Research Stone can be used once to find a random recipe in the Research Table. If you have gathered 10 Research Stones then you’ll be able to research 10 recipes, ranging from Common to Legendary (C4, Titanium Door, Ironbase Recipe and so much more)!

Combining different recipes (4 commons to get an uncommon) will no longer have a failure chance, this means you don't have to worry about losing recipes whilst recycling them.

As well as this, we are introducing a new way to get armor with different rarities by combining armor with the same rarity. When you have combined the armor pieces, there is a chance to get a higher tiered rarity. If the combination fails, all the armor pieces are broken and lost. This system works as follows:

  • Common -> Uncommon (4 armor of the same piece, 100% of success rate)
  • Uncommon -> Rare (4 armor of the same piece, 80% of success rate)
  • Rare -> Legendary (4 armor of the same piece, 20% of success rate)
  • Legendary -> Mythic (2 armor of the same piece, 10% of success rate)

Forge Improvement

In order to improve the Forge's functionality, we are increasing the amount of resources you receive from melting armor or weapons, and decreasing the amount of coal that is required to do this.

As well as this, we've added a new Forge Insta Melt perk that you could win from Supply Crates. This perk will instantly melt every item that you place in a Forge with no cooldown. For example, if you have 10 Thompsons that aren’t being used stored in a chest, you can melt all of them instantly and get hundreds of iron ingots in exchange!

We already have the King Melting perk that behaves similarly to this, except instead you will not use coal when instantly melting items.

StatTrak Item

We want to make the StatTrak item to give the gun that it's attached to a small buff, making it even more worth getting. There are 2 new bonuses that come with using StatTraks:

  • When shooting with a StatTrak gun, you will have a small chance of displaying a custom cosmetic particle above your player body.
  • When killing enemies using a gun that has the StatTrak on it, you’ll get 50% more reputation points than the base rate.

Additional Information

  • 24h of Grace Period.
  • Tierlock period remains the same (cupboards as well).
  • Cupboard sizes remain the same.
  • Clan size remains the same (4 players or 5 with the upgrade permission).
  • Radiation Mask can now be worn alongside helmets, as previously you couldn't wear a helmet when you had a Radiation Mask equipped.
  • Fixed issues with Repair Kits being removed from the inventory after collecting from a Barrel.
  • Fixed EXP calculus when leveling up from levels 400-401,  500-501, 600-601, etc.
  • Added a new tip message in the Toolcupboard menu to inform you that C4s can now be placed on base carpets.
  • Updated the in-game chat tips.
  • Added a new event that spawns a Research Table or a Recycler for 20 minutes in the middle biome Oil Rig.
  • Decreased the chance of getting Mythic items from Radioactive Barrels.
  • Decreased the chance of getting helicopters from the game crates.
  • Now you’ll get 12-20xp when killing mobs.
  • King Upgrade Hammer has now a 20% chance of upgrading all the blocks in a vertical Y coordinate by 2 tiers (upgrade directly T1 -> T3, etc).
  • The King Upgrade Hammer and Upgrade Hammer now spend 20% less resource when upgrading blocks compared to the normal craft price.
  • Added a new in-game sound when a Supply Drop is called in the game.
  • Increased the chance of getting raiding recipes or raiding artifacts in radioactive barrels.

Free PvP Kit

Right after Friday’s Payout @ 6:00PM EST, any players on Outlands will receive a PvP + Building kit for FREE as a thank you for playing on the server. This Kit will contain guns, equipment, blocks and also few C4 explosives, so be sure to join and have some fun practicing your building, raiding & PvP skills before the merge! These kits will not be available after the wipe so use them while you can.

Thank you for your ongoing support towards the Outlands realm. Please do not hesitate to reach out on Discord with any questions or suggestions regarding the reset - Discuss your opinions with other players in the #outlands-chat!

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