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Prison: The Balancing Update

Hey everyone! This week's content update will be for the Prison Azkaban realm, and we are making changes and balancing out a few of our features, including Custom Enchantments, Token Shop, Dust, Candies and Abilities.

Custom Enchantment Balancing

We have made some slight changes to a few of the custom enchantments on Prison to better balance them, as well as reworked an enchantment because it just wasn't working the way we would have liked it to.

  • Drill - Fixed an issue that prevented blocks from being removed when activated. Drill now works alongside fortune.
  • TNT - Now works alongside fortune.
  • Seismic - Now works alongside fortune.
  • Auto sell - Now works alongside other enchantments.
  • Minebreaker - Minebreaker now works alongside fortune.
  • Replenish - Enchantment changes: Replenish no longer replaces the block when mined as this has previously glitched players. When activated replenish will act as if you have mined two blocks, rather than 1 (without the block reappearing).

Token Shop Changes

You can now find max level enchantment books to the token shop. Purchasing these books will allow you to prestige your pickaxes a lot quicker than before.

New TokenShop Enchantment

Introducing the brand new enchantment, now available to get at the /tokenshop! This new enchantment, Expedite, increases the speed and effectiveness of mining Custom Ores at the Quarry.

This enchantment has a max level of 1000, and as the level increases, the speed of which custom ores are broken increases, as well as the amount of custom ores received per ore mined.

Dust Rework

Custom pickaxes are strong end-game pickaxes that allow players to mine constantly with almost no restrictions. As a result of this, Custom pickaxes now have a durability of 100, with the durability decreasing by 1 with every custom ore mined, or every 50,000 blocks mined.

When your pickaxe runs out of durability, you will be prompted to visit the Dust Shop and purchase a Repair Dust to fix your pickaxe. Repair Dust replaces Enchantment Powder, so if you currently own any Enchantment Powders, they will be automatically updated to become Repair Dust.

One piece of Repair Dust costs 2,000 dust and can repair 1-10 durability at a time.

Tunneller Ability Rework

We've made a few changes to Tunneller's abilities to make it more balanced. Tunneller has 3 rings of blocks where it effects. The innermost ring, aka the block you mine directly, has a 100% chance for your enchantments to effect it and pick it up to sell.

The second ring, the blocks around the block you mined, has a 50% chance for your enchantments to effect it and pick it up to sell.

The third ring, the outermost ring in the Tunneller ability activation range, has a 25% chance for your enchantments to effect it and pick it up to sell.

It's important to understand, that despite there being a percent chance that you might not receive some blocks in the 1st or 2nd ring when using Tunneller, all blocks in that area will still disappear when it activates. This update will only affect what you gain/pick up from it.

If you're still unsure about how it works, here's a diagram to explain which blocks you'll receive when using Tunneller.

Pvp Candy Rebalancing

Last but not least, we've made a few changes to PvP related Candies to make PvP more balanced and enjoyable on Azkaban.

  • Pop Rocks - This candy has received a damage buff, and deal double the damage dealt before when activated.
  • Sour Patch - Removed jump boost effect.
  • Tinglerz - Changed from double jump to a jump boost effect, the level of jump boost ranges from 1 - 4 and is dependent on the tier of candy.
  • Tootsie Rolls - Increased the chances of activating to 5-15% dependent on the tier of candy.
  • Life Savers - When activated, it gives you a second chance in combat by providing you with instant god apple effects and six hearts of healing just before you're about to die.
  • Shock Tarts - Gives enemies Wither 1-2 effect for 15-45 seconds dependent on the tier of candy.

We hope you enjoy this week's Prison content update and are excited for the next set of updates that we have planned. Be sure to take some time to try it out and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server:

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