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Prison Reset

Hey everyone, welcome to the Prison reset announcement!

The current season of Prison has come to an end and the realm will be resetting this Saturday May 20th @ 2:00 PM EDT / 5:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM BST.

Map Points

Map points have been changed to bi-weekly, instead of every week as we are increasing the season length to be 6-8 weeks. the top three teams will be given the following points:

  • 1st Place - 3 Points
  • 2nd Place - 2 Points
  • 3rd Place - 1 Point

Players who are members of teams in the top 3 positions will have numbers next to their name in chat depending on what position they're in. Show off in chat that you're the best Prison player on the server!

Team Size
For the upcoming season of Prison, there will be up to 9 players per team with an opportunity to upgrade it to 11.


Due to many members of the community requesting this, as well as the changes made to the economy, we'll be increasing the total amount of prestiges from 450 to 800. As well as this, prestige messages have also been updated.

Economy Changes

The updated Prison economy offers a tougher challenge compared to last season while still maintaining an OP economy. In order to incorporate an increase in prestiges and provide a more balanced experience, we have reduced the rankup and sell prices. This adjustment creates a slower economy, allowing players to fully enjoy the secondary features available.

As well as the above changes, we have decided to implement bi-weekly value resets. This means that the values will be reset every two weeks, providing a fresh start for everyone. Additionally, map points will follow the same schedule and will be awarded bi-weekly as well.

By implementing these updates, we will have an average season length allowing players to have clear expectations for content. The new average season length is set at 6-8 weeks, allowing for up to 3 value resets during that period.

Rules Overhaul

We've updated to rules again this season to accommodate the more casual direction we are heading in on Prison. We've added rules regarding Boosting and Multiple plots, so please be sure to check out and keep up to date with the latest rules to avoid being caught out! The Prison specific rules can be viewed here:

Prison Rules
Note all Global rules still apply here. Click here. This thread goes over the official Prison rules. Please keep in mind that rules are subject to change at any time and you’re responsible for keeping up to date with our server rules. Note: The Prison Senior Staff and Prison Administration Tea…

Additional Changes

Last but not least, here are a number of miscellaneous changes that will improve the overall quality of life on Prison:

  • The Tokenscan enchantment can now be upgraded to 4000 (previously 3750). The prestiged versions remain the same. This was buffed due to a request from the Prison Council members.
  • Festivals will now occur 4 times a day, with the event lasting 30 minutes instead of an hour.
  • Pet Ranch schematic has been updated with a new build.
  • Block Sell prices have now been incorporated into the Sell NPCs at each mine. This is to replace the holograms found in the corners.
Image from Gyazo

Build competition

We are looking to open a Build Competition for Prison soon! The winner of this competition will have their build used on Prison in future seasons. More information to come later on in the season.

Note to Players (Purchase reimbursement)

Previous purchases will be reissued from last season up until April 1st @ 4am EDT, to make up for the rough start we had last season.

This reset is the finalizing of the move towards a fully casual reset. As a result, any comments, suggestions, or feedback are welcome in #player-suggestions in The Archon main Discord. As well as this, we look forward to hearing from our Council members and plot leaders in TheArchon Community Discord as always.

We are looking forward to seeing you all for the new casual season of Prison on Saturday May 20th at 2:00 PM EDT! Feel free to let us know what you think about the upcoming season on our Discord server. Keep up-to-date on the latest on Discord, Twitter, and the forums website.

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