Prison: Azkaban Reset

Prison: Azkaban Reset

Hello everyone, welcome to the Prison Azkaban Reset post.

With our first map coming to an end, we took the time to reflect on what worked, and what didn't. We took a closer look at specific features and with feedback from our community, we made adjustments and reworks to improve player experience overall. Thank you everyone who has taken the time to give us feedback during map 1!

Prison Azkaban will be releasing this Saturday at 2:00 PM EST!

New Features

New Spawn



Candy is our reworked version of Contraband. Candies are now farmable and upgradable. Simply, right-click your candy to consume it and use it's special ability.

You can find a list of our candies with their abilities below:

Archon | Candies
Sheet1 Rarity ,Name,Raw,Tier 1,Tier 2,Tier 3 Common,Sour Patch,Confusion: 10 Seconds Posion: 10 Seconds,Speed: 10 Seconds Jump: 10 Seconds ,Speed: 20 Seconds Jump: 20 Seconds ,Speed: 30 Seconds Jump: 30 Seconds Common,Life Saver,Confusion: 10 Seconds ...


To begin your candy creation, travel to your plot and type /farm. Place down and confirm your farm placement. To begin using your Candy farm, you must use your tokens to upgrade your storage unit, harvester level and seeder level. This can be done by right-clicking the farm core (daylight sensor) and clicking the farm upgrades button.


Your farm will then start planting, growing, and harvesting candies. Your candies will start at the common level which is their weakest state, giving small buffs and debuffs upon use depending on the candy. You can upgrade your candy to make the effects more powerful.


To upgrade your candy, travel to your plot and type /refinery. Place down and confirm your refinery placement. Take common candy out of your farm, and right-click the hopper while holding it to input it into the refinery. The refinery will then begin upgrading the candy. The upgraded candy will be placed inside the storage area once it is done. Here is an example of the difference between an common vs a refined candy.

You can continue to refine candy to further upgrade its effect up to 3 times.


We will be replacing our cell islands with plots. Plots will work very similarly to islands, you can create your plot by typing /plot and following the interactive GUI

EXP Rework

EXP Gain

You gain EXP from mining a little differently now, the amount of EXP you gain per block mined depends on how rare the block is within the mine. The rarer the block, the more EXP you gain.


The mobshop will be getting replaced and upgraded with an EXP Shop. You will be able to find exclusive, powerful items up for sale inside the EXP Shop. Check out the shop using /expshop

Outpost & KoTH Implemented


Players will now be able to compete for the Outpost on Prison. The Outpost is a 24/7 active capture zone with unique bonuses for the plot team that captures it.
Capturing the Outpost will gain you

  • 2x EXP Booster
  • 1.5x mcMMO
  • 2x Spawner Booster
  • $50k every 15m

Access the outpost by warping to /warp outpost, you can find more information using /outpost.


KoTHs are periodic capture events with even more prizes! A KoTH can only be captured once per event, and by one person. KoTHs get captured when a player stands on it for 2 minutes. The player who captures the KoTH and becomes King of the Hill will be rewarded with KoTH keys.

Prison Booster

You can now purchase Token Boosters and EXP Boosters from the /prisonboosters GUI. The boosters range from 10 minutes to 1 hour of increased token or EXP gain.


The Freeworld is a survival world accessable to people who have reached Prestige 1 and above. This new world is filled with highly rewarding challenges that you can complete there, giving you rewards that you can use in the Mainworld.
Your challenges will increase in difficulty and prize value the higher you prestige.



We are adding Backpacks as a way to store ores while mining. When your inventory gets full inside of a mine, your ores will automatically fill your backpack. You can purchase and upgrade backpacks through the /tokenshop
Your starter backpack only has 1 item slot, however, you can upgrade it to hold a total of 300 slots.