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Prison Reset

Hello everyone, welcome to the Prison Reset post! This season we have a pretty exciting reset coming your way, which includes a complete revamp of Prison's theme. Goodbye candy... hello Jurassic!

The current season of Prison has come an end and the realm will be resetting this Saturday March 19th 2022 @ 3:00 PM EDT / 6:00 AM AEST / 6:00 PM GMT. - Please note that we are now observing Daylight Time, so reset times may be different.


We have weekly payouts for Plot Top. The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st: $200 Paypal‌‌
  • 2nd: $50 Paypal, $90 Buycraft‌‌
  • 3rd: $25 Paypal, $50 Buycraft‌‌
  • 4th: $25 Buycraft‌‌
  • 5th: $15 Buycraft

You can win prizes if you're in one of the top 3 places in Prestige Top. The payouts for Prestige Top are:

  • 1st: $50 Paypal‌‌
  • 2nd: $30 Buycraft‌‌
  • 3rd: $20 Buycraft

Blocks Mined Payouts are as follows:

  • 1st: $50 Paypal‌‌
  • 2nd: $30 Buycraft‌‌
  • 3rd: $20 Buycraft

You can view the current standings for Prestige Top and Block Mined by finding the NPCs at spawn.

Map Points

We’ll be adding Map Points to Prison. Each week, the top three teams will be given points:

  • 1st Place - 3 Points
  • 2nd Place - 2 Points
  • 3rd Place - 1 Point

These will be manually given out after the payouts and strike reports for the week have been fully dealt with.

Players who are members of teams in the top 3 positions will have numbers next to their name in chat depending on what position they're in. Show off in chat that you're the best Prison player on the server!

New Builds

We're excited to show off the new Jurassic themed spawn and warzones! You can also look forward to seeing mines A- Z being dino-fied, alongside Prestige Mines and Outpost Mine. This means there will be a whopping 49 new builds total!

New Pets

To continue with the Jurassic theme, the current pets are being remodelled into different types of dinosaur or extinct animal! Each pet will keep it's original abilities - they are only having cosmetic changes. The list of pets are as follows:

  • Axolotl -> Pterodactyl
  • Crab -> Tricerotops
  • Dinosaur -> T-Rex
  • Dragon -> Velociraptor
  • Frog -> Spinosaurus
  • Hot Dog -> Stegosaurus
  • Penguin -> Megalodon
  • Racoon -> Brontosaurus
  • Shroom -> Dodo Bird

Lakes/Fishing Rework

Introducing the PvP Lake! This brand new fishing area will allow players to fish up better rewards compared to the normal lake. Due to higher risk, higher reward, fish caught at this lake will sell for more! Be careful though, due to PvP being enabled, you can be attacked and items will be lost upon death (this includes everything except the player's Pickaxe and Special Fishing Rod).

We will be adding some new fishing enchantments that really takes the bait! Take a look:

  • Reel Speed
    - Decreases time it takes to catch fish
    - Cost per level: 2,000 Tokens
    - Effect at max level: reel speed is 2.5 seconds
    - Max Level: 500
  • Fisher’s Luck
    - Increases chances of finding pouches, keys and other current rewards
    - Priced same as Luck pickaxe enchantment
    - Cost per level: 500 tokens
    - Effect at max level: Make all the chances for pouches, keys and other stuff twice as much
    - Max Level: 2000
  • Bait Hoarder
    - There is a certain chance that your bait will not be used when casting your rod
    - Cost per level: 300,000 tokens
    - Effect at max level: 50% chance to save bait
    - Max Level: 5
  • Fishing Party
    - Has a chance to activate a Fishing Party where a certain boost would activate for 60 seconds
    - Boosts:
    Higher token sale value when you sell
    More candies gained when you convert candied fish over to candies
    - Cost per level: 2,000 tokens
    - Effect at max level: 1.5x times more candies/tokens when you sell. Boost will be given to everyone at the lake.
    - Max Level: 2,500

Bomb Rework

We're excited to show you our brand new Bombs! These useful items allow you to make the most out of mining, by exploding and giving you increased rewards! Bombs can be won in Boss Crates, select Freeworld challenges and quests, as well as purchasable from our server store.

Take a look at what you can expect to see in the upcoming season:

  • Frag Bomb
    - Blows up blocks in a sphere shape with an 8 block radius.
  • Candy Bomb
    - Various blocks in the mine turn into candy blocks and will give you pieces of candy upon breaking them.
  • Bombing Run Bomb
    - After throwing this bomb, a flare will be thrown causing explosions that leave behind 7 block wide craters.
  • Tornado Bomb
    - Sucks in about 80% of blocks in a 10 block radius.
  • Driller Bomb
    - Drills to the bottom of a mine in a 4 block radius.

Small Freeworld Rework

We are making a small number of changes to the Freeworld in order to refine it. This includes moving The Town from the regular world into the Freeworld spawn. It is also being expanded to double the size it previously was, and will contain numerous NPCs scattered throughout!

Additionally, there will be no more challenge sets, as all NPCs will have their own themed quests with awesome prizes! Completing these quests can earn yourself a Fortune 1k Book, Upgrader Book, Dimension Hopper Book, crates, and more! The harder the challenge, the better the prize.

We are looking forward to seeing you all for the exciting new season of Prison on Saturday March 19th at 2:00 PM EDT! Feel free to let us know what you think about the upcoming season on our Discord server.

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