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Skyblock: The PvP Update

Hey everyone! For this week's content update we'll be revamping some aspects of PvP and introducing a brand new Power item into the /pshop!

Revamped Content


The rewards you can receive from opening Skydrops in the warzone have been revamped and players will now be able to receive higher value items than before. Gone are the days of opening a Skydrop and being disappointed with the rewards! As well as this, Gem Transformers will now only be available to get from Skydrops.

Use /skydrop in-game to check when the next drop is taking place so you don't miss out!

Gem Transformers

Gem Transformers have been revamped and now no longer require physical blocks to be placed in order to transform your gems into reality. You can now place the Gem Transformer on a block surrounded by air and it will transfer the air into gem blocks!

Be careful though, if the Gem Transformer is placed in an area surrounded by blocks, it will destroy the blocks and replace them with gems. Make sure you've got lots of space to use it before you do!

Warzone Drop Parties

Warzone Drop Parties will now give players 3x more money than ever before! WDP events happen at certain intervals throughout the day, and the money that is dropped in the Warzone is base on a percentage of everyone's money spent in /shop since the last WDP event.

To find out when the next Warzone Drop Party event is, do /wdp

Combat Logging

We will also be adding Combat Logger NPCs to Skyblock. If you log out while in combat, instead of losing your items, a Combat Logger will appear for a short period of time where you logged out. If this Combat Logger NPC is killed, then it will be like you were killed. If you log back in before your Combat Logger expires or is killed, then you can carry on your PvPing experience like nothing happened!

Ice Breaker Axe

Introducing the Ice Breaker Axe! This new Power item will be available for anyone to purchase from the /pshop for 5 million EXP after completion of the first challenge. This weapon can be upgraded to Tier 5 by completing the required challenges for each tier.

Right-click to activate the axe's ability, which lasts for 3 seconds with a 5 minute cooldown. While activated, your axe will have a damage multiplier, with the starting multiplier increasing for every Tier upgrade. As you secure consecutive hits on the same target, your damage multiplier will increase per hit, up to a maximum of 2x damage on the target.

Additional Content

We are also going to be adding a new Loot Protection feature, where loot from killed players will be secured so that only the killer can pick the items for 10s after the player was killed. In addition, we will be introducing Health Indicators which will be shown as hearts above players head. Both of these new features will be added in the coming few days, so watch the #changelog channel on Discord to see when it goes live on Skyblock.

We hope you enjoy this week's Skyblock content update, take some time to try them out and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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