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Prison: Refinery Update

Hey everyone, this week's content update will be for the Prison Azkaban realm. We have spent some time reworking how the Refinery looks and functions, making it easier to understand and more user friendly.

Refinery Menu

Reworking the Refinery menu has allowed us to make some significant changes that make it much easier to use and understand visually. All of the menus are now accessible from any interaction with the blocks in the Refinery, meaning you no longer have to click on the individual blocks for separate tasks.

Along the top of the menu, you will find different tabs that you can click on to take you to different sections of the Refinery.

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We've also added more information, including a new Input section. This part of the menu allows you to place in candies to be refined - this is done by right-clicking it while you're holding the candy in your hand.

The Input Queue allows you to place more candies in your Refinery ready to be processed, and when there is a space that has opened up, the candies will be automatically moved into the refining section. You can purchase upgrades to increase your Input Queue capacity, thus allowing for more candies to be queued for refining.

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You can now purchase Fuel Capacity upgrades that allow you to increase the amount of fuel you can store, up to a max of 350 capacity. Upgrades can be purchased using Tokens.

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Candy Composting / Fertilizer

Introducing a brand new section of the Refinery - Candy Composting! Simply give the Refinery 3 candies of the same tier, choose which fertilizer you want to use, then use it on your Candy Farms!

If you have any old candies that are just laying around doing nothing in your PVs, you can use them to grow specific candies that you actually want! Customizing your candy output has never been easier.

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The new Fertilizer guarantees what Candy the seeds planted on your farms will grow into. This means that if you wish to grow Sour Patch candies, then you can select the Sour Patch fertilizer and use it on your plants. Previously you wouldn't be able to choose what your Candy Farm seeds will grow into as it is random, but with the new fertilizer you can!

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After your Fertilizer has finished composting in the Refinery, collect it then head over to your farm and right-click it onto the already planted seeds that you wish to fertilize.

When these seeds are fully grown and have been harvested, they will be the same type of candy as the fertilizer you used!

We hope you enjoy this week's Prison content update and the changes we've made to the Refinery. Be sure to take some time to try it all out and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server:

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