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Robbery Mid-Season Update

Hello everyone! Christmas is just a week away, so our elves have popped in overnight and decorated the Robbery realm, ready for the festive holiday! As well as this, you can look forward to seeing a handful of changes being made to the Contaminated City and The Archon HQ area.

Christmas on Robbery

The Shop by spawn has had a merry makeover with the addition of a large, colorful Christmas tree and presents. Head on over to take in the scenery, it just makes us feel so cosy inside!

As well as this The Archon HQ area has been embellished with decorations, with a jolly giant Christmas tree added out front, and gorgeous garlands on the inside. You can feel festive all while stealing the Guards' precious items!

The Archon HQ Area

A new floor has been added to the Headquarters that are situated in the 3rd Town, allowing for more space to explore and steal items from.

As well as this, you will notice that all of the guards that are wandering around the HQ have familiar faces... that's right, you'll see that the guards are now current Robbery staff members and Coordinators! They're protecting the important building from thieves such as you, so steal their stuff and get the ultimate revenge!

Contaminated City

The civilians in the Contaminated City have noticed that they're being consistently ambushed whilst walking down their usual routes, and are getting tired of losing all of their stuff! They've decided to go into hiding, and traverse through different areas of the city to get to their destinations, so head over there and find out where they're going... at your own risk!

The spawn point areas of the Contaminated City have also been changed, so when you drop in there, you'll find yourself in unfamiliar areas. Be sure to check out these changes so you can dominate the city once more.

Christmas 2022

The Christmas celebrations are in full swing here at The Archon, and we have a lot of festive events happening! Be sure to log in every day to collect your Christmas Calendar Rewards via /calendar. You could win some cozy coupons or limited cosmetics!

The limited-time Christmas Present Crate that is currently available to purchase from our server store, as well as the jolly Santa's Helper event happening every hour! Read more about what's happening on The Archon for Christmas this year below:

Christmas 2022
Season’s greetings everyone! Christmas is around the bend, and Santa is in town to see who’s been naughty or nice this year. The Archon is getting into the holiday spirit, so you can look forward to seeing lots of festive fun and Christmassy changes happening around the server! This includes

We hope you enjoy this Christmassy mid-season content update for the Robbery realm. Be sure to check it out, and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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