Robbery: Realm Reset

Robbery: Realm Reset

After 15 weeks, we are excited to announce that Robbery will be resetting this Saturday 3:00 PM EST. Welcome to the official Robbery Reset post! In this post we will be telling you everything you need to know about the new features we ill be introducing, as well as some changes that we have made to the gamemode.

New Features/Changes

Prestige System

We are changing the the prestige system to add a little more incentive to prestiging. Prestiging will now be unlocked after the Bank Level (Level 11). Prestiging will unlock a new level, allowing you to progress 1 level further after each prestige. Therefor, to get to level 12, you must have prestiged at least once.

On top of that, we have fully removed the sell multiplier from prestige and have focused on the steal booster instead. You will now get and extra 20% Steal Booster each time you prestige to help you get through the levels which will cost an extra 10% each prestige.

Glove and Jacket Changes

We are adding 5 new gloves and 5 new jackets!

By default, you will start with access to the first 10 gloves/jackets, with each prestige, you will gain an additional jacket and glove that you can purchase.
Your gloves and jackets will also be resetting back to the default set each time you prestige. Meaning that you will have to re-buy jackets and gloves.

New Jackets

  • Bath Robe - 13 slots - $6,000 (Between Tatty Leather Jacket and Hoodie)
  • Cargo Vest - 23 slots - $35,000 (Between Hi-Vis Vest and New Leather Jacket)
  • Suit Blazer - 33 Slots - $4,000,000 (Between Rainbow Jacket and Golden Jacket)
  • Kevlar Vest - 60 slots - $200,000,000 (Between Military Jacket and Super Suit)
  • Super Suit - 75 slots - $600,000,000 (Between Kevlar Vest and Iron Man Suit)


New Gloves

All added between the Super Magnet and Infinity Gauntlet

  • Bulbasaur Vine - 20 speed - $75,000,000,000
  • Lightsaber - 27.5 speed - $150,000,000,000
  • Fishing Net - 35 speed - $400,000,000,000
  • Pakkun Flower - 60 speed - $600,000,000,000
  • Go-go gadget - 80 speed - $800,000,000,000


Economy Changes

We have changed the strength and steal value of many items throughout the stores in order to re-balance the difficulty of levels. You may notice that some earlier stores are easier to get through and some stores are harder to do so.

On top of that, spawners no longer give island value and block value and price has been changed to reduce the number of blocks you need to place. No more need to make huge diamond block towers!

Thieves Changes

Thieves no longer steal value, rather they steal random items from the level you are currently at.

With this change, we are also adding a new skill tree to thieves called Capacity.

Capacity will allow your thief to steam more than one item, upgrade this skill to add an extra 5% of your jacket capacity to the capacity of your thief up to a max of 50%. This means that if your jacket has 20 slots, each skillpoint will add 1 extra slot to your thief's capacity.


We are bringing the Casino to Robbery! You may be familiar with the Casino from our Prison and Skyblock Realms, the casino is a place to put your money on the line and potentially win big with our games of chance like coinflips, Rock Paper Swords, and the Slots Machine.


To gain access to the casino, you will either need to have a donator rank, or to have voted that day.

The Casino will also hold the Casino Crate, as a way to thank its loyal customers. The Casino Crate will be available to use daily, and will give you a chance to win high tier prizes for free!