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Robbery Reset

Hey everyone, welcome to the Robbery Reset post!

The reset for the Robbery realm will be released this Saturday September 26th @ 2:00 PM EST / 4:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM BST

New Stores

We are adding 5 brand new stores and prestiges - The Shard, Big Ben, Alcatraz, The Pantheon, and The Colosseum. These new stores can be unlocked by players who reach prestiges 21 to 25 and are homes to valuable loot! Grind your way up to these prestige levels to see what they have to offer!

21 - The Shard
22 - Big Ben
23 - Alcatraz
24 - The Pantheon
25 - The Colosseum

New Hideouts

We've added 3 new hideouts to Robbery! These new hideouts are similar in design but differ in size and wealthiness, so you can choose the perfect Hideout for you and your team!

Bail Out System

When you have prestiged and you've been caught stealing and get sent to the Jail, there is now a menu that pops up that gives you an option to bail out for a certain cost. This cost is based on the value of the loot you had in your bag when you were caught with an additional 10% tax on top.

There is also a new command that allows you to see how long you're stuck in Jail for, simply do /jailtime in-game. The higher the prestige level, the more time you're stuck in jail for.

Invisibility Cloak

Players will now be able to go invisible for a short amount of time by using the Invisibility Cloak item in their hotbar. When you go invisible, you'll be able to bypass the guards during this time, meaning you can walk straight through them even when you have a full bag! As well as this, when you're invisible, players won't be able to pickpocket you!

Kingpin and higher ranks will have permanent access to this perk. You can also win temporary versions of this perk in crates, EXP Shop and Skydrops.

Image from Gyazo

Boss Showdown

The Boss Showdown event takes place once a day in the Boss World, players will be given 5 minutes to join the event before it begins. Anyone that is participating in the event will have to battle all of the current bosses - Warlord, Titan and Skull one after the other. At the end of battling the bosses, the powerful Wither Boss will appear.

The Wither Boss only appears at the end of the Boss Showdown, you won't see it spawn at any other time during the day. This boss is even more powerful than the other bosses, so be careful and well prepared when battling it! While you are waiting for the Wither boss to appear after defeating the other bosses, you can use /ally [name] to request someone else to aid you in the battle.

Image from Gyazo

When you slain the bosses and have dealt the most damage, you will receive the Boss Showdown crate which has even better rewards than the normal Boss Crate!

Infamy Points

At the end of every week, if your Hideout is currently number 1 on the rankings, everyone who is in your Hideout will receive an Infamy Point prefix in front of their names showing that they're number 1!

These points add up throughout the season, so if you're the top Hideout at the end of the week 5 times for example, you'll have a [5] prefix before your name. These do not reset each season.


Payouts will be returning to Robbery, but they've been reworked and prizes now come in the form of in-game rewards and Robbery Rank Credit - redeemable only on Robbery.

1st Place:

  • 1 Monthly Crate
  • 5x 1 Thief Key voucher
  • 3x 1 day Jetpack Use voucher
  • 2 Guild Thieves in voucher form
  • 10x 5 skill point vouchers
  • 8x $5 Robbery Rank Credit vouchers
  • 1 Week win suffix next to your name

2nd Place:

  • 2x 1 Epic Key voucher
  • 4x 1 Thief Key voucher
  • 2x 1 day Jetpack Use voucher
  • 1 Guild Thief in voucher form
  • 8x 5 skill point vouchers
  • 5x $5 Robbery Rank Credit voucher

3rd Place:

  • 2x 1 Legendary Key voucher
  • 3x 1 Thief Keys vouchers
  • 1x 1 day Jetpack Use voucher
  • 6x 5 skill point vouchers
  • 3x $5 Robbery Rank Credit voucher

4th Place:

  • 2x 1 Rare Key vouchers
  • 2x 1 Thief Keys vouchers
  • 1x 12 hour Jetpack Use voucher
  • 2x $5 Robbery Rank Credit voucher

5th Place:

  • 1x 1 Rare Key voucher
  • 1x 1 Thief Key voucher
  • 1x 6 hour Jetpack Use voucher
  • 2x 5 skill point voucher
  • 1x $5 Robbery Rank Credit voucher

Keep your eye out on our Discord, Twitter, and website for all the new updates coming out in the future. Thank you everyone for an awesome map, see you all at 2:00 PM EST on Saturday for the Robbery reset!

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