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Robbery Reset

Hey everyone, welcome to the Robbery Reset post.

The reset for the Robbery realm will be released this Saturday October 30th @ 2:00 PM EST / 4:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM BST

Thank you for your dedication to the Robbery Realm, and making last season so great. We have some awesome new features that we will be introducing for this upcoming season, so without further ado, let's get into it!

Leaderboard prizes

Introducing the seasonal leaderboard prizes, with rewards being handed out to the top 3 players at the end of the season. Take a look at what you could win:

Prestige Top
- 1st: 20 Rank redeem & Custom Tag
- 2nd: 10 rank redeem
- 3rd: 5 rank redeem

Items stolen Top
- 1st: 20 Rank redeem
- 2nd: 10 rank redeem
- 3rd: 5 rank redeem

The Contaminated City

The Contaminated City. Once a place of happiness… now, a place of silence. For many years, the city was thriving with happy townsfolk that had nothing but love for each other. But then.. a plague devastated this utopia and forced everyone to flee. Half of the townsfolk were able to get out - the other half, not so lucky…

The city was abandoned and any loot that survived was scattered throughout the dark and eerie streets that were once filled with joy and laughter. There are rumors that a few people that still remain within the city to protect their precious items that they couldn’t leave behind. Some say that they they will protect their most prized possessions until they die... Are you a cold-blooded thief that is able to steal every valuable piece of loot from the city?

PvP and Damage

PvP is enabled from the moment you step foot in the Contaminated City, so be aware, because other players will be able to fight and kill you. You can enter the city through a portal located at spawn, and exit through one of the portals located throughout the city.

When you enter the city, you will receive contamination. This is shown by the bar located in the centre-bottom of your screen above the item bar. Contamination levels will increase during your time in the city, and when the bar is full, you will start to take damage. At this point, you will need to leave the city via one of the portals to stop taking damage.

If you die whist in the city, you will be Death Banned for 30 minutes and will not be able to re-enter the city (you can go about life as usual in the main Robbery world). Death Unbans can be purchased from the server store if you don't wish to wait out the timer, or you can win them from crates and the Archon Pass via /pass.

Items and Selling

Items that you sell in the Contaminated City are priced higher than your current store in the main Robbery world, so it's definitely worth being there if you're careful and manage to stay alive!

When you kill another player, there is a small chance that you can receive each one of their items upon their death. This means, there is an individual chance for each item to be received, not a chance to receive the whole loot bag.

Civilians will roam the city, and you can kill them to receive different drops that can help you, such as golden apples and potions. There is also a chance for them to drop spawners and boosters that are useful outside of the city. If you're unlucky, you could also receive something useless like a dirt block.

When you hit a Civilian, they will try and run away. When this happens, they will get increased speed making them harder to hit. Shanks are a premium item that are used to instantly kill Civilians, and can be purchased from the server store or won from crates, PvP or the Archon Pass /pass.

City Armor and Weapons

When you enter the Contaminated City, you will receive a preset chestplate, sword and bow. You can upgrade these items using money that you've found in the city, this means that you cannot use your normal currency to upgrade these items. Head to the Gear Shop NPC to check out what they have for you.

Upgraded items will give you more protection and deal more damage to enemies, so upgrading them as quickly as possible will give you the upper hand in PvP fights. Some upgrades require you to prestige a certain amount of times before you can unlock them.

New Store and Balance Changes

Introducing a brand new store, for those top tier tomb plunderers to get their hands on! The Egyptian Pyramids is set after the Colosseum and is the new Prestige 25 shop. Take a look:

As well as this, there have been a number of small changes made to existing shops including more items being added to stores, and a new area added to the Theatre.

Updated Rules

Robbery's rules have been updated to include more clarification, as well as the introduction of an account sharing rule. Please read over the rules before the new season begins so you're up to date.

Updated Robbery Rules
Robbery Rules Note all Global rules still apply here. Click here. This document goes over the official Robbery rules. Please keep in mind that rules are subject to change at any time and you’re responsible for keeping up to date with our server rules. As far as punishments go, robbery strikes ...

Additional Changes

  • We've reworked the Rare, Epic and Legendary Crates so they have better rewards than before, as they were outdated.
  • Some Archon Pass rewards have also been changed to reflect the feedback we received from the community.
  • Skydrops have been improved, and we've removed some useless items.

Keep your eye out on our Discord, Twitter, and website for all the new updates coming out in the future. We will be hosting a Crate Key All 1 hour after the reset goes live! Thank you everyone for awesome map, see you all at 2:00 PM EST on Saturday for the Robbery reset!

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