Factions: Ruby Release

Factions: Ruby Release

Greetings everyone, we have some exciting news for you. We have a new Factions realm on TheArchon, but it's not like the others.

Check out the trailer for this release:

Check out the showcase by Dexter113:

Realm Information:

The new map of the realm will release on Saturday, November 23rd, @ 3:00 PM EST/5:00 AM AEST/8:00 PM BST

Map Info
  • Played by Dexter113 and Meezoid
  • 30 man factions
  • Regen walls server
  • 20 chunk buffers
  • Allies capped at 1
  • Sugarcane Economy
  • Custom Enchants and Custom Sets
  • World Border: 25000 x 25000
  • Sandy is disabled
  • Printer Disabled
  • Archon Bosses
  • Mobcoins and Mobshop
  • Custom Tools
  • Factions Upgrades
  • Archon Pass
  • Outpost and KOTH
  • Envoys
  • GKits
  • McMMO

New Features

Breathtaking Builds


New Custom Endchants & Custom Sets
New Enchants
  • Juggernaut - Damage from multiple enemies is halved
  • Warrior - Deal 20% more damage but receive 10% more damage
  • Archer - 50% more bow damage and receive 10% less damage
  • Weasel - Receive 25% less damage and deal 20% more damage to mobs
    Custom sets are new loot boxes that give a chance to receive either a mask, vest robe or boots of the following:
  • Warrior
  • KOTH
  • Archer
  • Weasel
    You can get these boxes from keys, the mobshop and from the Archon dungeons, happy hunting!
Upgradable Items

Use /expshop to view the upgradable items. Shift and right click with your upgradable item to view your progress on levelling up.

Regen Walls

All regen walls are permitted, defend your base at all costs by grinding out your regens to keep the enemy factions out!

Spawner Tiers and Supercharged Spawners

Start killing common spawner mobs to gain heads in order to progress through the spawner tiers. Until you reach the Mythical spawners! Deposit heads and track your progress by doing /shop and looking at the spawner category.

Archon Dungeons

Gather your team and prepare for a battle! Four tough stages of parkour, problem solving and boss fighting. Think you have what it takes? Create your portal and get ready for battle! You can get portals from keys, the mobshop and there will be two public dungeons at spawn per day.

Other Notable Info

Gen buckets are now only vertical cobblestone.

New Gkits
  • Base
  • Cannoner
  • PVPer