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Skyblock: The Combat Update

Hello everyone! For this week's content update we have updated a few different aspects of combat on Skyblock. You can look forward to seeing scoreboard additions, a new custom enchantment, /focus command, Mob Armor balancing and the Bounty system rework! As well as this we'll be touching on the new global /streaks system! There's so much to cover so let's get straight into it!

Combat Scoreboard

We have updated the Combat Scoreboard! This scoreboard now has everything you need to know that relates to PvP on Skyblock on it, including cooldowns for combat tag, gapple and crapple consumption, custom enchantment procs and enderpearl usage!

You can toggle the Combat Scoreboard in the scoreboard /sb menu. Choose between the new Combat Scoreboard, normal Default Scoreboard or just don't have a scoreboard at all!

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Sniper Custom Enchantment

The new Sniper custom enchantment is a Legendary bow enchantment that deals extra damage to players when they're far way - the further they are, the more damage!

Sniper has a max level of 5, and the higher the level the more damage is dealt to those far away players, so make sure you have good aim because this enchantment could really turn the fight around!

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Islands can now do /focus [name] to focus a player whilst PvPing! This new command makes it easier to see who to target when you're fighting in the warzone, as it turns the player's name a bright pink color, compared to the usual dull grey.

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This command has a 15 second cooldown between uses, and you can type /unfocus [name] in chat to stop focusing a player.

Toggle who can and can't use the /focus command in your /island flags menu.

Mob Armor Balancing

Mob Armor has been slightly changed to balance it on Skyblock. Mob Armor will now lose durability, but won't break. When an armor piece runs out of durability, it will stay in the worn armor slot however it will behave just like normal leather armor - so practically useless. There will be a message in chat letting you know that a piece of your armor has been broken.

To fix the armor's durability, you will need to charge it up by killing mobs that are the same as the Mob Armor type whilst wearing the armor. For example, you will need to kill Iron Golems if you wish to charge up your Iron Golem Mob Armor. If you have Wither Armor, then you have to deal damage to any type of boss to charge it up.

Bounty System Rework

We've reworked the bounty redemption system to make it fairer to players who are all fighting for the same bounty, instead of instantly giving the bounty to the lucky player who gets the final hit.

The player who gets the kill will pick up the head with the bounty attached to it due to the 10 second loot protection, however they will need to be out of combat to redeem it. This gives other players the opportunity to continue to fight for that bounty as it is a physical item that can be dropped.

Bonus Content - Global Streaks

Introducing TheArchon Streaks! Log in every day, redeem your rewards on /Discord and /vote to get credits! Complete your streak every day to keep it growing and receive additional credits when you hit certain milestones! To access the menu do /streaks.

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Visit the /rewards shop to see what you can unlock with your credits! You could bag yourself a limited Monthly crate, a robot or high tier crate keys! As well as this, you can earn additional credits from winning events every weekend - check out the #server-events channel on our Discord to find out when they take place.

All credits are earned globally, across all realms on the network.

We hope you enjoy this week's Combat update, be sure to try it all out and feel free to leave us your feedback on our Discord server over in #player-suggestions!

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